8.16.12 My Stranglehold on Instinct

I do not know. I'm being led. Let it happen... What comes this way?

(I don’t know? I remember very little.)

Let go the fullness of Love for it to return on the dove's wing whispering a loving peace into the ears...


No outcomes, since belief is never-ending.

Vanquishing fear certainly helped to snatch away the stranglehold on instinct.

(And Love's the one I chose.)

Forgive... and forget, keeps the ego in check, all these memories that
mean so little in the treatment of the Mother.

Rather remember the important stuff at this juncture in the play and forget the irrelevant stuff. It's real and its jaded and its set to pop, so let's give it up to Love and prepare ourselves to make her clean again, away from our foul use...

Perhaps we are animals first, thinking beasts second and only after we pass away are the spirits we collected in our lifetime allowed to dance…

The spirit collector paid me a visit. She smiled her delight beneath my feet and I was instantly Love-struck. From there, your guess is as good as mine.

Two years now in your grasp, Love…

Hear that? The one truth is not yet of our imaginations. Our mind's best served when in silence, yet our noise is a monstrously profitable industry. Stop!


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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