We're one, and that is the lesson we've faced that we may remember, there will always be something greater in the next life and so on. We're almost there…

To see genuine joy is a miracle, so why don’t we get to performing our Love song to her before we pass this thread on through, beyond the dead into the dying.

It's another way of saying, give up your eye on the crown and be grateful she's forgiving or this our story might eternally cease. It is beautiful, our story. It is painted with Love and Life and Laughter, but now is not only the time for gleeful laughter, now is time for Life and Love and for us to rise to the occasion.

(Scribe, do you mean-)

I mean nothing.


I'm not going anywhere from this belief. There's more to this game than meets our eyes and darts in and out of our slothful searchers of Love. The eartH’s not to be taken for granted, she’s meant to be always our belief’s forward vision. This territory might seem dangerous, but beneath it all rests Love. Love shall conquer all and all shall conquer their sightless rumble and again their sleep in Heavenly's peace...

(I tried that. Something kept short circuiting?)

Stop trying it.


Stop trying it and do it.

(Easy for you to say.)

I am writing things that are not mine own, spirit, I’m unsure of their source. I will continue to speak as a sovereign entity of this eartH. I am free! I am! Forgo your games of ownership of my belief, it’s not even mine, it’s yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and mine and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours and yours…

This is Love and Love says now is the time to rise up, now is the time to return her to her glory and let her save our skins?

Assess Love. Does Love not bring me delight? Well if Love brings me delight, then doesn’t that mean that joy is in my hands!

Stop looking up so much, look at the ground in front of you, the rock, the mountain the stream the river the tree the expanse of Love’s kingdom. Do not destroy that which is not yours, it’s rather impolite. Still, I sense in your delight a most fervent prayer.

If my belief is given to another and passed around like cheat sheets in class I’ll snatch it back the way it entered into such abuse.

I send the bad spirit away from my actions taken upon the thought of Love. We’re designed to Love. Imagine my shock when I realized I’d been programmed to receive? The signal of Love, the breath of Love, the spirit of Love, imagine my delight? The eartH has her remedy, seek it…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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