Negotiating with the Hostages

Maybe, if we'd have thought more about and had been more grateful for our most loving of fortunes, we'd have never had to find ourselves here, after some time of ignorance to the truth to begin with, we'd have known better.

Is it truly our fault alone for not having recognized the amount of suffering from our own creation and our intelligence and our own utter lack of truth and/or knowledge? We didn't create God and Love, Love and God created us. Let us forgive them for our idiocy and in turn they might forgive us.

(Sounds like you're negotiating with the hostages?)

Our inventions can all be extraordinary and loving to humanity and to the eartH of Creation instead of them being held hostage by fear.

We just simply need to be who we were born to be and let the fear (ego) fade away...

It’s already fading. What, you think me asleep? I scribe the overwhelming number of spirits intentions toward who they believe they were born to be.

If your take on global warming (real or not) errs on the side of indifference to the eartH, then you are not thinking with your love, you’re thinking with your fear. Role reversal doesn’t always go the direction you expected…


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through and with Mark and Michelle Prime


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