8.07.12 We can make this our paradise on eartH while we imagine another

Cruel and unusual comes to mind, this plan, of the salvation to come, is in two forms; Love, which is a way of saying desire or prayer or God, a prayer in and of itself, and the other is deeds against her. Isn’t my duty to the Mother, the eartH and Love to which I owe my breath, where my allegiances should be?

Oh! Rejoice that Heaven is indeed where I am! I am already there and now that fear has been vanquished, let me travel with the fullness of Love. Love and Truth are with all, I must make my choice for Love, or I will have been a lie, nothing but another try to find the next one able, and/or willing, to make the journey to save the collective self.

(Too much noise, the siren of fear, and not enough Laughter, the siren of Love…)

Who we are, our purpose, our Home is what we must search for together in order for us humans to summon the fullness of the spirit of Love…

(You can make this your paradise on eartH while you imagine another!)

God and Love believe in me, now all I have to do is convince those that know me to reexamine who they believe I am…

We are full of once unknown knowledge when our minds expand in their progression to full Love. Don’t be alarmed by the instinct- be alarmed by your fear from it.

Guide my affections toward full Love and they’ll always remain. Fail and I sleep awhile. Eversleep, and only awaken when I choose subconsciously to accept the call, which means I never die, just well rested between lifetimes of beauty and bliss, Love and Laughter and Life. Life like never imagined, all of my dreams collectively moving toward Love, it’s happening around the globe! Reach out! Reach out now! Worldwide, reach out! Let us save the Mother that she might breathe for us another day…

I have chosen to be a God among God’s, I was not chosen. All of us are God’s among God’s, or so I believe it is the will of Love to have her in our favor if we’ll believe in what we know. Isn’t it about time we respected that?






You’re turning me into God, why? I am but a man who has found the pathway to Love’s desire.

(It summons all throughout life, my child. You’re just making too much noise, you have to be in silence long enough to have her sing you her song of full Love…)

I challenged fear, not God. I challenged the least in man, his belief in the unknowable. A concocted hell or agony for eternity is one such thing we haven’t thought through like we should! Hell? Are you kidding me? Why? Why is hell in any belief system? Why does there have to be suffering in our beliefs, can’t we bring only the fullness of Love?


She waits on my deeds… I’m going to need more forgiveness than imagined to balance out with Love or I’ll be slung through the air like a beach ball in a storm…



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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