8.07.12 I Weep Often to Make Up for My Sins

I weep often to make up for my sins, I’ve suffered terrible wrongs at my own hand.

Oh my God! What have I done? What did I do? Why am I still here! Why? Imagine my shame when I realized what I had become in my unconsciousness, yet my head was upside down, so instead of landing in hell, where I was headed, where I indeed landed joining all of the other tormented and reckless souls, was Heaven and I’ve been dancing with the spirit of fear long enough and so I thought I’d summon my Love and low and behold here she comes…


The woman, Amelia, was once a child, a cherub who blossomed into an angel.


How’d that song break in here? Stunned me, humbled me of all of my aches and selfishness, children, angels of God and Love are who I must look upon with the greatest of favor among us. Who truly knows what they must “believe” of our brazen climb and sorrowful fall…?

Her story is one that should be known to all who walk the path toward their belief, she’ll guide the ego away from self and reveal to us what truly matters. For me it is not the pliant flesh that reaches out with loving arms, it is the dance of the spirit. It is the love contained within her, and I, that move the soul to sing, to dance and laugh inside the human cathedral of Life. I dance with her, dance with her spirit and I'm dancing with the love of all of the spirits that she has herself danced with. Dance! Laugh! Love! And I’ll find I’ve been blessed by creation…

(Creation’s a big word, Mark Richard Prime!)

Her strength is awe inspiring and without love she’d have left me to myself long ago. But I have begun to show her that my dreams are ready for her Love, ready for her truth to emerge within my being, to take my hands and lead me away from the battle within and usher in a loving peace over the noise of my kind's pointless warring.

(Boom boom boom boom boom shocka-locka-locka-locka boom boom…!)

Seek her out, go to her, but first... know myself, know my place in this, my rapid pace. Life calls to me and only asks that I see the angel, not the flesh. See the Love, not the hate. See the beauty from inside out, not the cruelty that swirls outside in. Open my arms to her, to the child, to the children who will soon grow from innocent cherubs into loving angels.

(Love love love! Love! For the sake of the spirit of Love, Love and nothing less!)

Amelia, the angel, has graced the world and me with her love since she was born. She is not alone among the loving children all. She has been selfless and joyful, whether in pain or in bliss, she calls to me with her silent song. That’s what angels do, they call to my better self, to who I am, not to what I’ve become.

It appears that I have begun to listen. I'm rising up to greet her in kind.

Let me make this, my new song, worth repeating.

God doesn’t care when we need rain, when we treat her with more respect, it’ll be raining. It’ll be divine Heaven like you’ve never imagined with your fearful wits! Or have you imagined her Love? In Heaven, there will be no difference…

Belief isn’t a place! It’s an idea! How many more ideas will we have to come up with in order for there to be any of Love’s fullness? Fear has no place to stretch its legs inside of Love. Fear is the balance we must remember, lower yur fear level and you are stronger as a loving beast only. Love is the full DNA strand’s solution, ladies and gentlemen. We can continue to debate the in between until we’re blue in the damned face and it won’t garner the eartH any favors.

The connection is Love, then comes along man’s pitiful fears, ruination and hell.

And Love, which is an honest spirit, the Truth, has fear tapping out before the bell!

And, as the eyes adjust, you begin to see Love standing humbled before you!

Imagine a lifetime without fear? Then what? If this is full Love, it sounds like sky’s the limit?

(It has always been mankind’s limit, Nimrod!)

I’ve reached mine, dear spirit…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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