8.06.12 Think Back to Your Beginning

We are the children of God and we are destined to grow up to be the Father and The Mother. Yes, my friends, it is that simple. Think back to your beginning and your purpose shall be evident.

(To destroy?)

Yes! What other purpose could there possibly be for the likes of that?

(To create.)

Sure. There is that, I suppose…

(Suppose nothing, Nimrod! You can’t tell someone what to think!)

No. I can’t, but I can certainly imagine them thinking.


*Chelsea, we need to dance my dear and lovely child. I need to cherish you my dearest angel, I weep tears of joy at having been exonerated of my sins, now the true spiritual work has begun. I’m walking the walk, my dear, in the best way that I am able. I love you and yours dearly, my Love.*

Friends, I have a little bit on my mind if you hadn't noticed, now the real leg work begins, so to speak. Bridging those gaps I dug down into Love so that more Love could flow into me. I am a steward, not a slave. I broke free of my chains that bind down Love into separate holding cells. When I show the fullness of Love I begin to see that my lusts have been strangling empathy and Love.

(What the? Had a sit straight up in bed kind of moment there…)

The Mother eartH summons our Love, she also summons our duty to her. The Mother, the Heart(H) of God is not a metaphor. Where did we think we were?

Love’s echo chamber travels around the globe by the grace of Love and God, Mother and father, take your pride at being king of the self out of the equation so when your time comes to be forgiven you’ll not be up to the eyeballs in venomous pride…

(Release her for God’s sake, save her to save yourself!)

Take pride away to be returned with all of its lessons learned, smiling at the gates of want, changing eternity from hell to a full and loving Life evermore.

(If it is to be the will of Love and God…)

Thinking leads to arrogance, a beast I frequently battled against. It made my heart sour.

Enough is enough. Game paused. Sleep…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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