8.06.12 Come Forth With Your Love, She Pleads

Be in belief, just don’t get trapped inside of it…

Adventure! Rise up and walk the walk, return to Love forthwith and bring her your fullness of courage, truth and forgiveness! Love, love, love, love, Love! You don’t need directions, you need to get to moving again on the pathway to full Love…


The wind just spun in with her whisper on my legs, she pleads I reconsider any journey that speaks of God as if God was familiar…

(The only thing familiar is beneath your feet, Mark Richard Prime!)

And before my eyes, her children writhe as well! Oh dear Mother, won’t you bring your fullness of Love and leave our toxins behind, create a new way of thinking, a new way of bringing your children together in their evolution of sight…

It is not me, they want, it is her, my Love. They shall not have her, but they had best get to pleasing her or she’ll rise up and send them packing with the wind! Boom boom boom boom! Splat, listen for the Laughter in that!

(Life, Laughter and Love! The three most essential ingredients in Heaven…)

Better stock up on Love and not water, Mark Richard Prime, you’re going to need it. Better stock up on Love and not slaughter. Better stock up on Love not bombs ticking away at Love. She sings humankind’s song if we’ll but end our noise and listen! She speaks our original language my friends. Listen to her anguished cries! Hear her pleas to her Loving children, all! Come forth with your Love, she pleads. Come forth with your sovereignty and your joy! Come forth and be counted as among the living! The walking dead no more! We are Love and Love has no place to lay our fearful heads any longer, she’s only accepting our most loving of beliefs, her own. We are most ready to know the thing we’ve always dreamed of.

We learn to create through our dreams, do not soil their powers by forgetting that they live, choose instead to rejoice in their existence, not imagine a fate all twisted with humankind’s own version of their beholden…

God is before me, God is before you. God is Love and Love is God, their union cannot be torn apart, man’s skin oozed fear like the dankness of the sweat found in man’s foul use! Catch the train to Heaven beneath your feet, not by looking up for help, but by reaching down with your hands inside her Love. She will track your desires and you’ll take care of Life, and when she is satisfied, the reward begins to flow evermore. Belief, make sure it never falls to our thinking again.

(Truth is belief and belief is truth I pray…)

Belief’s taken us toward our fears and away from the truth of God. We are the children of God, want to see God, look in a mirrot or lok at your wife or sister or dog, or cat or tree or lake or stream or bird or deer or antelope, lions and lemurs, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and fish and fowl and Life and Laughter and Love…

There is but one Love, full. There is but one God betrothed both she and he, the eartH and the unknown, the known and the believed, the lightening and the storm, the thunder and the rain, the love and the fearful sorrow, the truth. Fear has been vanquished in me, one spirit at a time, now I’m only left with Love, the one thing I can possibly ever know.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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