-8.02.12 - 8.03.12 All I Need Do Is Ask

All I need do is ask, and Love swims the answers! It may not be the answer(s) I expected to wind its way from inside out the winding wind, but it is the answer given.

The thunder answers my call for affirmation that I have come. I have arrived at what, who and where I was born to be, or so I believe…

Like she, like he, like all of life- Love! Love is the answer to all of my questions and I’ve many that trailed of thunder and her rise to greet her thankless children... Maybe God’s welcoming me home…?

My Lovely angel Love, you are the echo to my thunder, her rise to greet me smiling, asking if I might obey her majestic glance…

Oh! Send in the trumpets with the grace and design and summon their lightening and their rumble and dance their way into my Love, fear to go rumbling beyond God’s loving glimpse…

Oh! Let me rejoice at the rain! Let me simmer my laughter and glee that has not summoned the eartH for her truth upon all of this… I am writing her dance, her children of disgrace! Give her my love, return it to humankind’s source! She summons me, not just Her betroathed, God, their union of Life and Love. I am literally salvaging a once thriving Love. I am you and you are me and genetics out the door, God’s been trying to tell me all along, his bride, the eartH of Creation, is to be left untainted!

Don’t you see? She comes to me as the Mother, a gentle reminder that I’ve continuously heard her song to soar without her wings… Talk about a mind blower when my wife was woven by God and asked to let me go… and she has.

I’d have done it several times before, but those were thens and this is now and the Mother is my savior rumbling her song to me! “I am the next one” has been affirmed by God and Love, or so I believe. It was by her majesty the queen that summoned my raging in a method of immeasurable proportions…

I am not the only one, there are more by now having summoned the exactness of Love’s full weight and that chose to climb their way up, out of hell.

And in each place of spirit there will be a family reunion of sorts, the only sort there’s been to bring us stumbling along.


Today I danced with a kindred spirit of a different stripe, and didn’t even know it. The stripes ran up and down, like a prison outfit, begging that I speak. Why? Who are you to ask me to speak? Are you God and Love? Then so be it. Are you man and fear? Not on your life…

For the Love of God begin to speak that she might breathe her breathe into my thankless lungs! That I might remove the shackles of oppression from off her limbs! Oh! Bring out the signs, church! Let God and Love see your need in every step! Let God see my righteousness toward her loving skin! Rise up, Love! She is most ready for my affections upon the thing I know, but have forgotten…


The movies, that we spirits have created, not the flesh which include my mind, but the spirits of God and Love in any one of us, are too angry upon the tree, the mountain, the ocean and the rain! They are too angry upon the Mother, Daughter, Aunt and Niece! For Christ’s sake upon the (H)eartH of Creation release her!


(She speaks through her wind and songs, even in private without the influence of nature’s resistance to humankind.)

What? This is hell if I do not choose the fullness of Love?

(Yes. It is humankind that has created it.)

Oh my God…

(No. Not you personally, Nimrod. Yet it is you that must harness the courage to summon full Love to begin with, she’s bursting from her Love, she’s alive with her Love and you must prepare yourself for something just a little bit different in your once blind obsessions. You must recall that hell is what you’ve made of the Mother eartH and God, and you shall have it until you choose to believe in full Love, not fear, not damnation, not fire and brimstone, but in the fullness of Love found dwelling in the sons and daughters of eartH, angels all, if you’ll truly hear and listen to the spirit of Love calling to God and to you…)

(What did he just say?)

(It sounded like he imagines himself the second coming?)

No, just the next one among seven billion individual shells of Love in all of their glory, if I’ll but reach out and take a hold of the truth of Love! Let it sink into my every breath, into my every expression, spoken or otherwise. She is the queen Mother and she and God can’t hold out much longer before the truth comes swimming in faster than the human mind can absorb! Boom! Went the thunder! Crack went the lightening! Hello rose up the eartH, a most lovely Heaven, all soiled from humankind’s misuse. Might she spare me my grave due and come with her full and affectionate Love? In this belief, I’ve been summoned by the fullness of Love and there’s no possibility that she wants her children to destroy themselves with their thinking or to continue their wayward glancing look at God and Love. What of Creation’s bride the eartH? Does she not require my Love as my only “known” beholden? Our artful visions have told us what we’ll need to know even without the man or woman or child creator’s knowing the blueprint that they’ve formed. Spirit vessel, which is what I am, or will become when the spirit of Love’s intentions and needs from me are met. I know nothing more than to be her child and her angel and her armor bursting with the fullness of Love…

(Rejoice! Rejoice in your fortune at having been born to witness such miracles in the first place, Mark Richard Prime!)

The wind rustles low its whisper to me. She tells me that everything is going to be okay. Laughter, she cries. Life she smiles, of my purpose she asks that I Love…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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