7.23.12 Pray With the Fullness of Love

(Pray with the fullness of Love!)

They’ve been trying to escape now for twenty-eight years, the band of merry spirits that want nothing, but to love and be loved.

Boom! Went their cannon from beneath their every ache, their every sorrow and lesson within Love’s expression ever graced…

I haven’t been timid, I’ve got full Love’s instinct, it’s been guiding me along the path to the truth of what I imagine…

I find it nearly impossible not to sound ludicrous and hypocritical, two faces, one of my least favorite human traits, I may be many, but the many I’ve been I’ve not always been honest, but to whom? Which spirit in me since 1984 have I been playing? God? Love? Creation? The eartH? (Insert title here…)

To whom do we have the pleasure of speaking to this morning, dear spirit? Love or Fear?


Welcome my dear! This is not just my story. This is my Grandmother, my Mother, my Sister, my Brother, my Father, you and yours, my Loves, human angels set to soar…

(Do with me as you please, but what the spirit has carved through these thrumming fingers leave be…)

Sweep them away with the stardust within their grasp and only Love! Truly Love all and everything, Mark, it’s not yours to dispossess! Love the human, love the grass, love the river, love the lake, love the mountain, love the drake, love the plant, respect the planet

(We need give the other planets, other beings, their sway. They are the planets of Creation. Their equal say, as to what “God”, of the self, might ever imagine was ever theirs to destroy…

(Ownership has us all fouled up! Nothing is ever owned! It is leased! I can’t own her ground! I cannot defile her fertile soil and magical waters, land and sea, I haven’t the right, only the thankfulness to imagine otherwise…)

What a beautiful thing to say my friends. Might I come and visit you in the near future, I'd like to thank you in person for helping me to see the (H)eartH of Creation with mortal steps...

(Congratulations, you found glorious Heaven! Now what, Nimrod?)

Why glorious? Sounds foreboding, I mean can you imagine nothing but bliss for eternity, ever and ever, timeless? That’s not true to Life! It is bottomed out thinking that rings the globe in flames! We are set to sleep… and rejoice evermore with Love… If you choose to just sleep in bliss it is yours to choose. Live it… or sleep on it a bit longer.

You can change your reality and then have to remember, might well be a thing of the past? Either for eternity you will wake up in Heaven and breathe Love or you choose to eversleep, as long as it’s the will of God. Who really wants to be God? We’ve written our books as if we were God, so what’s truly the difference.

Love, if you’ve betrayed, has slipped your fingers, the leftover strand of Love’s about to slip you by. Careful what you wish for my friends…

If it’s not a fullness of Love, it shall be made so by Love in the end, or perhaps a neverend? I don’t know. I can only believe, unless I choose to pray to what I know.


This isn’t me, ladies and gentleman writing or reading these words, these are loving spirits filtering through my belief. If I don’t triumph over all fears, my fear of heights might get a little tricky.

I’m not actually scared of heights… until I reach them.

It would have been a false choice, one gathered from fear, had I chosen to end my belief and not consult the symphony of Spirit that moves atop her fertile soil, her precious water, her forest, her ocean and her sea. The Mother’s countenance is set to change from sorrow to that of a most joyous smile…

Got a phone call last night from someone asking for my help, one in jail, the other the hospital, I made one contact to a friend and from there I pray their situation is remedied…

The power of a prayer with full Love is in its fullness.

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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