Let’s stop paying for our sins over and over until one side looks just like the other, guilt ridden faces clenched in horror at the reflection of what we’ve become…

I guess I still don't get it! Why are we making our priorities that of anything but the cure for our loveless consumption! Feed the hungry! Feed them in all you do.

(Aside: spaying and neutering of the other animals might be a good idea for the dogs and cats, but it sure hasn't done anything for our reality! 7 billion! Are you kidding me?)

Alright! I’m about to go all “No Country For Old Men” here!

(Oh my…)

No. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, really. It’s just me talking to a spirit that likes to play games with my reason…

I’m learning as we go, remember?

(Scary thought, that one, Nimrod!)

Why be scared of it, curmudgeon, why not look at it from upside-down and imagine the outcome as the (H)eartH of Love sees her neverend?

(What the hell does that even mean, Mark Richard Prime! Where did you learn to even talk or write like that? Ha! You’re a fool and a would-be liberator…)

I might well be all of those things, Curmudgeon. On a journey to find the truth, belief plays a major role in all preconceived and perceived outcomes, which is why I have kept belief never-ending, that we, as the angels on the (H)eartH of Creation, might summon our Love to new heights and that we might find and recognize our commonalities instead of our differences, so that we, together in the never-end, might begin to heal the wounds we’ve left in the Mother and in ourselves through our indifference…

Rise now with me and begin to heal her, she is bleeding out and is set to come calling on us. Question is, will we recognize her in time? Mother eartH is waiting for our affections on her that she might recognize that her children do indeed understand…

She is Love! She is my beholden! She is my Mother!

(Hush, my child… Hush your mind for awhile and just listen.)

All I hear is the traffic!

(Silence your mind, dear. Silence. Everything’s going to be okay…)

I’m trying to recall where I’m supposed to be going? There’ve been too many avenues, too many fears! My memory is returning, but there are so many memories that I cannot recall and those were the fears that held me close…

(You said you have no fear, so why the worrisome face?)



Lightening, again and again!

(Bring the rain Love, and you shall have summoned your savior!)

Pray too that the thankless children do benefit from her forgiveness…


Pray the rain! Pray the rain! Pray! Pray! Pray the rain...


Pray the rain…





Love. Live. Laugh.

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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