The wind. The wind. The winding wind summons me.

The wind. The wind. The winding wind summons me to speak.

The wind. The wind. The winding wind summons me to engage the spirit and greet the eartH with a kiss.

Bang! Boom! The thought rumbles my insides- I chose to live evermore…

Eternal Life, what’s it really worth? Is eternity truly a gift of our making or some boogeyman under our beds when the unknown is unknowable? Is it worth the risk of eternal agony crafted of our questions? Is it worth it?

(Not half as much as Love…)

The wind blows against my shell and asks if it might have this dance- I oblige.

(Take my hand. You are set to dance evermore, you will fly with the birds my dear, you will soar evermore into the fullness of Love…)

I abscond to my fears when I craft a hell of my affections.

(You lounge in fright as if you own the place, as if something better is set to come along.)

Let me have an honest Love, not a love contrived of wire and flesh, bone and shrapnel…

(Hushhhh… Hear the drum in that?)

The traffic booms its paws across the span of my vision and I’m instantly drawn away and into reality. The nature of things is about to surprise the world.

(If it is dumbfounding, look for God in it…)

It is time. I don’t know what is going on, but if I don’t begin I may not have breath left to speak.

(The locust sound content in their dryness... Missing from the rain is Creation’s loving nectar. What has your kind done to the Mother? Used her up as expendable inside of your rigid beliefs?)

She calls out to me in my deafness and my sightlessness, begging that I see what is before me. There’s a waiting within, pleading I begin…

(Rise up now, child! Commence your dance with Love. She will keep you safe from any more of harm’s tumbling dominoes across the loam of your thoughtless actions.)

I am ready! I am now turning outward toward the sun. Sorry it took me so long to realize who I was. I never danced with the loving spirit long enough…

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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