The call of eversleep is too distant. Desire of Love is stronger than my puny frame, stranger than my scrawny frame of flesh, blood and bone. Eversleep is not as simple to me as it might first sound to you. Eternity is a very long time.

Eternity is a manmade word, but what does it mean?

(A long, long, long time.)

Time, too, is a concoction of the hurried mind. A critter sewn of thought…

(A moment of silence…)

Lifetime after lifetime imagining you’ve figured out the enigma that is the self, now figure out the enigma that is the eartH of Creation, The Mother herself…

Someone recently said to me, “I’ll leave you to your thoughts.” or was it, “I’ll leave you with my thoughts.”? Either way I should have thanked them…

(Boom goes the industry… Boom goes the eartH in her struggle under the weight of the shock and awe…)

If I knew my thinking would change the truth of things I’d walk around babbling more than taking action.

Who I am is me, and me is who I’m born to be…

(There’s the veil being lifted one breath-stroke at a time!)

What I am is as unknowable as the rain…

My heart beats like the thrumming of Love’s thunder! Like the rain pouring down into open mouths, into the true blue and green rejoicing at my great fortune at having landed in the care of Love.

It came not from above, this cry inside of me. From beneath my feet she summoned me to speak.

I’ve been crying out through a method not all my own and the spirit’s have the pathway lined with their love and not their thorns.

I’m ready to sing my song. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore than the next, but I sense it is with full Love that these words leave my fingers and fall in line without much thought from me.


© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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