New & Untouched... (Head-Lines)

Space Station Alert as Debris Makes 250 Meter Near miss
820 feet may not feel intimately close, but when it’s just you and a few comrades (and multiple tons of floating metal) you’re going to need help, to comfort the seen and unseen turmoil that is yours to bear. Thus it is up to us, we must champion the cause; our survival.

Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s
Something to stave off even worse things than some creeping subliminal death, only to then act as if it doesn’t matter yet regret the reaping of what I alone have sown…

New, Untouched Tribe Discovered in Amazon
Unscathed and upon my knees… Unhurt by the incessant flap of my lips. Unharmed by my foul use of her soil, yet, not untouched…

Gadhafi could face rape charges, international prosecutor says
Rape, murder, fraud, neglect. It’s already done my friends. What my animal wants in the flesh has begun to deliciously feast upon my soul.

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