To My Lovely Love...

Many lifetimes ago you and I held hands.
I let go first that I might come around again.
Creation’s been waiting a long time for Love;
Hope now holding for hope, lips pursed upon joy,
Each affection kissing creation’s lovely neck,
Loving smiles upon your waiting self.
Let me enter your kingdom, your arms of Love,
Every lifetime, not just the one we know…

I am humbled by your grace, your undying smile

Leaving me breathless with an undeserved joy.
Of destiny, of Love, of joy, with an exactness
Vibrating noiselessly without end or question,
Even as you yearned for my return to Love.

You proved yourself a healer with your remedy
Of acceptance permeating without deliberation
Until I journeyed back to you, howling of belief.

© 2011 by mark prime

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