A Prayer for the Potent

~Letter from Senator Boozman~

Dear Mr. Prime,
Thank you for contacting me regarding your thoughts on mercury emissions. It is good to hear from you.

As you know, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule relating to emission standards at cement manufacturing plants. Specifically, EPA's rule pertains to the amount of mercury plants can release during manufacturing. While this proposal has proven to be quite contentious due to the devastating effects it would have on American jobs, I appreciate your view that the benefits outweigh the costs. My concern is that when American industries are closed due to excessive regulations, those jobs are replaced by foreign corporations that often do more environmental damage than their American competitors. China is already the largest producer of mercury emissions, and atmospheric transportation carries much of this pollution to the United States. As a member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and the Subcommittee on Green Jobs, I support EPA's efforts to address health threats. However, these regulations must be crafted in a way that will benefit the environment without causing undue burdens on American companies. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind and support legislation that will benefit both the environment and the economy.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this very important issue. Please be sure to visit our website at www.boozman.senate.gov. I look forward to your continued correspondence.

Sincerely, John Boozman U.S. Senator

~My reply to the senator~

Senator Boozman,
Your concerns are noted... I should tell you, however, that your China comment, while it might be true, does not relieve you, or I, from the greater responsibility toward what most consider a planet-wide catastrophe waiting to happen!

You and I, or anyone contributing to the destruction of the planet and the air we breathe are accountable to the only place we’ll ever call home!

There are no excuses! Not jobs, not China , etc, outweigh our obligation of ending OUR misuse; the annihilation of our air, the poisoning of the water, fish and other foods, and ourselves! As a matter of fact, these excuses are just more of the same tired lines of a sad and complicit justification! What good will jobs do for us if we destroy the orb from which we work?

I'm concerned what other countries do, but the US is, according to you, second in destructive value, and that, dear Senator, is something we should never take lightly…

Mark Prime

The potent needn’t sour at the encampment of goodness. I needn’t regard freely given love with caution since the conclusion, mine, is unknown. It’s always been unknown, a mystery for me to navigate with my spirit, my own wish for goodness, for Love, for joy, for life.

I haven’t given all of truth away. It hasn’t been completely wrestled from my grasp. It’s breathing, moving as I write, upon my thoughts, toward my brothers and sisters as they are reaching back, my family embracing the original earth-gift, which is Love!

It will, it will, it will, it will! It will if I'll but open my arms to that which I cannot know. It will, it will, it will, it will if I’ll but remember that I've been summoned by Love, called to deliver my graceful spirit to those in need, to my family that’s suffering greater than I, if I'll but embrace the spirit dancing next to me.

O! Let me embrace this newfound freedom! Gently bend it away from my self-made hell, let it come galloping like a stampede of joy! Let it come swimming with the laughter of water! Let it come to return my free hugs, my understanding, my Love that sleepwalks over the ground and sky of Heaven, stride my cherished happiness upon this garden, this paradise!

It shall, it shall, it shall, it shall! It shall, if I'll but simply believe! It shall, it shall, it shall, it shall! It shall, if I'll but open my eyes in belief! It has begun now, without my knowledge, without my having to know. I needn’t even attempt to reckon with its reason for I've no need to know. I've no need, save for my own entertainment, to put words in the mouth of creation, Love. I've truly only need of belief, the rest will follow laughter, goodness, friendship, family, hope, thought, prayer, peace, spirits of my stewardship in the embracement of affection.

My purpose is to love.

It is, it is, it is, it is! It is my reason! It is my duty, my joy, my heaven…

© 2011 by mark prime


  1. there is a book called THE BIBLE YALL SHOULD READ IT!!!!!

  2. Dear anonymous,
    Thank you for visiting.

    Love, peace and goodness my friend.


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