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Guantanamo inmate to be released
Unaccountable flesh and bone and greed and cruelty mixed in with the fineness of a discarded spider’s leg and everything else that we’ll soon release of ourselves.

Iran to release prominent reformist from jail
Stride slowly now warrior... over the sidewalk toward your battle. It will be this taste, this air that you shall carry for others to breathe.

House Democrats clinch healthcare deal
There is still a little life left in you, inside thy sacrosanct chamber a small portion of duty and sympathy. It is this tenacity we desire; decency, within each of you singing stridently. Now get back to the people's business, there's much more work to do.

Mayan Calendar Spurs End-Of-The-World Debate
This is what I know of ancient thought- It is a map of the world best not read with certainty. These things have myth and wonderment attached to them. History for them has already moved on. They wept. They danced. They dreamed.

Extreme Right Wing Racists Like Beck, Dobbs and Others Are Having Difficulty Controlling Their Core Racist Beliefs!
Jackals lunge for the shadows of noise. Nasty are these beasts of prey. They do their barmy beast worship upon our cheerless faces. Bigotry. Failure. Begin again humanity.

Single-Prayer Option from The Middle of Nowhere by Elizabeth Mika
Some things are already beautiful…

© 2009 mrp/thepoetryman


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With the Wind it Shall...

Poet For The Revolution
This is the right thing to do. Make your words and your actions coincide with the revolution.
The goal is stillness of the spirit, not the stillness of man, therefore it is not just about the rumble of humanKind, it's a celebration of the Spirit's stillness... and with the wind, it will make its way. Evolve...

RED SOUND Head-Line Verse

Red's the sound of murder
Blue's the sound of mourning
Yellow, pinstriped cowardice
Tapping toes, a distraction
Rage, the news attraction
Pure gold, rating's satisfaction The sound of murder is red
Blue's next ~ HATE CRIME REPORTS SURGE IN BRITAIN... "Hate is caused by Fear
Fear is caused by Hate
They feed off one another
End both, end all Wars.
Cease both, Heaven arises." Hate, are you Fear's second cousin? (First cousin.) Are you two close? (BFF's!) ~ ISIS CLAIMS 40 LIVES AT SHIITE SHRINE...
How many more are to be lifted before We rise up? (We need rise up just to get a headcount of those murdered.) It would be far too painful, sorrow comes from the actions of the murderer, the victims draw upon our grief...


The rising began and begins from deep within our being, then it brings the collective to an agreement; freedom is free. We are to follow its example and free ourselves from being a slave to “things”. To truly be free, We must agree that freedom is truly for the whole of humankind, for if one is enslaved, so shall We all be…

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime