Monday (7/14/08)

As Oil Firms Seek Drilling Access, Exports Set Record
The gush begins to throttle the boot-scratched soil, dark hour, the needle points upon his arm, half meth, half liquid gold. Stumbling, stinking, orgasmic in his reach he pushes for his pleasures profit- drill drill drill!

Missing Soldiers Found
Beneath a pocked sky of stars the soldier’s bodies lay, flat, twisted like her dreams. Nothing much left of their smiling, her grimace, two spent shells where the dew left its traces of the twin rivers. At last, with dull cadence they fly.

Iraq War Effects Missing from Coverage of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
When soldiers are silent, we pack their goods in sacks and mail them home. Bailed out of the raging quagmire they’re now free to move again, yet not past our eyes or able to pull the chute.

Wisconsin law: Gay couples can be imprisoned, fined $10,000
The march to freedom is riddled with effort and ennui. They come to the altar carrying the eagle’s prize, not as beasts, but as people, humans holding riches.

Living a Dead Dream
The people, we are ingesting hunger-born seed whose offspring tear at our flanks with the white teeth of dreams, biting into our flesh, canines of living’s deceased.
(The radio alarm blares...)
"Good morning, world. It’s time to rise and shine. Shake off those cobwebs. Sober up, feed the kids and head for work! Here’s a little something to help you along- the Revolutionary the one and only- Katy Perry with 'I Kissed a Girl'! Bang bang wakey wakey and change the world!

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