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Have You Heard (9/11)

Have you heard? A country's taking the wrong drug, slipping the noose round death, fitting shores in electric wire, defending human rights in jest.

Have you heard? Ground Zero to open in 2009.

The country's ingesting Pantethol, five thousand milligrams in all. Skipping out on the Pavulon dose, straight to Potassium Chloride.

Have you heard? Ground Zero to open in 2009.

A country in this slaughtered age- O! Can you hear the failing noise; bombs and guns; depleting disgrace, chambers filled with a dying face.

Have you heard? Ground Zero to open in 2009.

We longed for more. We yearned. A lighted path, an eternal flame hovering there on golden wing instead, two-way mirror our malign.

Have you heard? Ground Zero to open in 2009.

A country's taking the wrong drug, slipping noose of bloody election, fitting in shackles of mined metal, and governing the self-injection.

Have you heard? Ground Zero to open in 2009.

Have you heard?

© 2008 by mark prime/thepoetryman


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© 2016 Mark Richard Prime