TUESDAY 04/08/08

Petraeus: Iraq Security Improved, but `Fragile, Reversible’
There is a method to it, a scheme that leaches, oozing ugliness from the general’s lips. It burns my anxious ears and disbelieving eyes.

I hear Gaspar Noe’s `Irreversible’, see the weight of its cruel cacophony.

Olympic Torch Arrives in the U.S.
Not a moment too soon. Come, light! Come, ember! Make your way to the crown of La libert√© √©clairant le monde, reaching out, extend thy transporters bough, with oily rag, ignite the world’s puddled iron.
Detainee Program Strains Va. Jail
The strange flowers drop their wayward petals, perching them upon the aged ground. Powerless to return to their original nourishment, unable to abscond of newfound freedom.
400 Children Removed From Sect’s Texas Ranch
The use of pale children widens the neglect of virtue. Minds beset by scurrilous trust pilfering souls as ransom for toll at the slipshod gates of anguish

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