THURSDAY 04/10/08

China says it Foiled Terrorist Plot to Kidnap Olympians
Ginkgo trees wrap their arms `round the Middle Kingdom like a great-grandfather’s bear hug, a massive grip, a balmy embrace. They’ve seen things…then the winter…

Candidates Respond to Voters Economic Fears
Rattled by rising debts, looking for a savior, fair queen, black knight, old man of the air to whisk away despair… A modern day folk tale.

Military Strained by Suicides, Long Deployments
Have we failed along the way? Are we no more than this, an arrangement of cubicles beset on all sides by wretchedness? The grand experiment’s gone awry, the bogey men we seek have our face.

Two Camps Trying to Influence McCain on foreign Policy
When we entrench ourselves, warriors on one side, pragmatic schemers the other and naught behind or ahead, save torture and war, where will the peacemaker stand?


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