THURSDAY 03/27/08

These are the first words that my muse threw down to me after reading the headlines last night.

Parents Didn't Expect Daughter To Die During Prayer
Didn’t have to be child wrapped in such faith, stench of miracle.

Destroying Torture Tapes - Freeing themselves from serious legal trouble
A shrieking pale is and shall be the ghosts haunting the masters of this, frame by frame

Crash of U.S. economy has begun
Neither sidewalk nor gutter could tell me what’s going to happen because of this, walking my daughter home from school gas in the car.

Aid groups- Somalia too risky
Waiting for someone abandoned there, knee-deep in blood-rooted Africa. Does anyone care?

West Bank faces toxic waste crisis
And dark spot upon the skin of a darling peoples, waiting, needing to be seen, an illness far worse which came before...

McCain warns of Iraq genocide
And there he was, hunched like a sniper, crowd of microphones, a glazed, suffering face of one who knows not where they are.

North Korea told “time is running out”
Deadline approaching, uttered the old clock whose previous declaration wound down. Words are like deadly weapons, threatening to their very end.

Bush lauds pace of Iraq progress
Something is missing which explains such optimism, his legendary dim-sightedness. I say this as it would be shameful not to mention his strengths.

Fighting in Basra sets off clashes throughout Iraq
Misery shuffled like a deck of cards without aces, game long over, playing on, keen to craving power.

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman


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