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The love of something living
Eases our suffering a system
(built by headless beasts)
And Love arrives, relieving our pain
That Peace unveiled, rises again


C = Child
F = Family, Father, Forgiveness, Friend
G = God, Grace
H = Heaven, Hope, (H)eartH, Heart(H)
K = Kiwi, Kindness, Kinship
L = Love, Life, Laughter
M = Mother
P = Peace

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime

DEAR SANTA... 2018

Dear Santa,
I haven't written you in a rather long time, but I felt the need at the age of fifty-five to reach out to you.

I still believe in the spirit of our great human wonder, and you, being a lover of home, reindeer and elves, I thought would have some valuable insight into the human condition?

(Ho Ho Ho!)


(HO HO HO!!!)



Are you madness per-santa-fied?

(HO HO HO Hoedee Ho Ho Hoedee Doe!!!)

No more eggnog for you... As a matter of fact, St. Nicholas, you contribute greatly to our overconsumption, ergo, destruction of our Home, therefore-

(It's once a friggin' year!)

Yes indeed! You're like high fructose corn syrup, our brains don't recognize the sickly-sweet desire to use the (H)eartH as a trashcan, that and we blindly love you more, so we ignore the obvious truth! Therefore, you and Mrs Clause need stop the WANT and give yourselves, the reindeer, the sleigh, the slaves (elves) and the billions of toys a much needed retirement.