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(Do we know what we leave for future generations?)

Not to any alarming degree, no.

(How do we fix it with what we know and with what we have?)

I think if we leave the man made system to its own inclinations, we'll be enslaved by our adherence to it.
Why don't we change the way we exist, become a kinder gentler beast reflecting our true nature?

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(Why are the people suffering so disproportionately?)

Because you don't want everyone suffering, do you? I mean, can you imagine every single human on the planet suffering? The foul noise alone would be monstrous. Yet, if no one suffers, then what's to keep the privileged from losing their shit when they break a nail or miss a putt?

(People are stupid, huh?)

Pretty much...

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Spin Cycle

If you continue to spin your belief to remain beholden to the past, instead of adapt it to the present, you'll soon have spun your tale so tightly that you'll have nothing to spin nothing changeable. All is stagnant in a world at war...


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