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Citizens being fearful, let’s say of the changing population demographics in the US, is problematic. Of course, fear has many masks, so some, in their resistance, will arm themselves to the teeth, others will make idle threats of moving to Canada, etc, while others will do their best to ignore the reality altogether, all the while maintaining a deep resentment for those they deem intruders upon their freedoms, their way of life, their jobs, their religion, even their conscience.

All of the aforementioned are without breath, without thought and cannot foment change, for they are stagnant, old and unmoved and have been around since the first ships landed on these bright and gleaming shores.

Another group of citizenry will embrace the change and try to find ways to bridge any growing divides. I’d imagine that this last group will be the majority, though they may not be as recognizable as those whose fears make the “news”, those whose rage devolves into an advertisement for more wars, y…