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(You can't hang on to it forever, let it go)

I tried letting it go a long time ago, but God had other plans.

(What of the trail of regret you're leaving in your wake?)

It's not my regret.

(Whose is it?)



© 2017 Mark Richard Prime


Our wants carry more weight than our needs are able to bear and that, my friends, is the greatest crisis facing us today.

We did it backwards.

We made God out to be a brute, and we're the brutes!

We made Heaven out to be some unknown, fantastical destination, instead of where we actually were.

We made commandments that are most brutal to our animal's will. We should never submit to suffering's absolutes in such a Heavenly place.

Backwards from the beginning I traced from the last scene to the first scene, the third act is now in it's echo.

(Lights fade to black.)

---The birdsong soars to it's tallness---

(Lights rise on Act III, The Echo. We are deep within a forest.)

© 2017 Mark Richard Prime