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It is the light that's painted within us that we bring to Creation's dance...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The machine's have set a much faster tempo than we ourselves are able to reach, it must be similar to what a baby gazelle feels like as the jaguar lunges its claws.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The collective responsibility isn't about blame, it's about uniting a force of people's, a collection of love and peacemakers, of laughter and purpose, otherwise our lives will be emptied of worth...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Here was their plan-
Raise the passion of debate
Bring on a face that winks disdain in his scripted lines, followed by her career scripted rebuttals and his hurled invectives and her pretense- his and her unicycles heading to the same private club to have a few laughs over drinks, to be joined by a full orchestra of clowns honking and wheezing their way around the newly arrived gaggle of geese, because when you're seeking a natural sound that might be considered noise in all of the chaos, it's slim pickings in nature, unless you're talking about human nature.

I mean if humans can sit in front of the television for a significant portion of their lives, then surely the people reap what they alone did not sow, but they alone do reap...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Live in hell
Or make Home your paradise!
The screech of the wise one
Bleeds over our suffering

Choose Heaven!
Awaken your minds outside the matrix
Boom boom boom boom boom boom!
It needn't be lost, this Home will do!
One one one one one two!
Two two two two two one!

God holds council in the birdsong,
our Noise is a massive failure...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


A trueness holds my gaze
A harmony lifts my limbs
Totes my body higher
My mind aloft in prayer
Creation's crimson breath
gazing back at me

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


When the "holy" men and women mock their fellow brothers and sisters, God's children, they do a grave disfavor to the flock, yet an even greater disservice they do to themselves...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We continue our mockery of others and the competition will result in zero...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


I spend a lot of time praising Creation... I call it prayer, worship by any other name cannot fly beyond our own doing.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


How to empower people... Free them.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


I no longer recognize the warrior in others, I only sense their peaceful intentions, if there are none, I do not flee the scene, I dive deep into the dream...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Are you lost, too?)

No. I am on the pathway toward Home.

(Home's the other way, I'm afraid to say.)

It's a circle, my friend, there is no "wrong" way...

(A circle? What if it's linear?)

If that is indeed the truth, then we better get to bending it into a circle, it'd be the surest way to bridge all gaps and keep us from screeching headlong over the linear cliff...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Humankind memorializing the passage of time and the spattering of flesh is a sign that we have discovered something relevant to us while we warred- Peace shall not tolerate the brevity of its use any longer, at least not without our extinction and its beginning again from scratch.

God bless those who have served, and may they now rise as peacemakers and peacekeepers, that we may honor something that doesn't suffer...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The machine's in my head
The machine holds me up
It hears, sees, it breathes
it stirs, it bends my knees
The machine's in my head
Unfolding in front of me
Unfolding me in front of you
Unfolding you in front of me
Life's great and grand symphony
Mechanical, as if memorized
As if the truth breathed its beginning
As if the machine felt itself spinning

The machine's in my head

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Be somebody who feels...


The sad thing is... Peace is on (H)eartH, but the shells that carry it about, they're at War...

Dive deep and bring forth your Peace!

So be it...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Feed our brothers and sisters.
Shelter them from the elements
Offer them a hand that doesn't expect
Lift them and in turn be lifted.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


You see the problem with our system and ourselves, we needn't imagine that the election of a president means the party that they happen to belong to is superior to the other, but equals, supposably all leaders, right?

We cannot continue to divide further than we are, a divided House falls, lest we forget. And we certainly don't have cause to threaten fellow citizens from either side, that is not the way forward...

Peace & Love

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


I spend a lot of time praising Creation... I call it prayer, worship by any other name cannot fly beyond our own doing.

How to empower people... Free them.

I no longer recognize the warrior in others, I only sense their peaceful intentions, if there are none, I do not flee the scene, I dive deep into the dream...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


To be or not to be united...

When the division-collapse begins to shatter our reasoning, there will be no choice, it will land with a thundering collapse...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Defend the truth from war's boastful division
Create the truth of now within your art
Mold a happiness that truly empowers Love
Lift your muse's voice that Peace might smile

Live Love Laugh
Let it be

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


There are commonalities between all citizens (humans) that should not be ignored...

1: The common knowledge that our "government", heavy on the our, is a system that's failing to lead us in a peaceful and logical direction.

2: The common knowledge that War is indeed Hell.

3: The commonality of the air, water and soil never being for sale, but for all to share as family.

3: The common knowledge that we are One Human Race, One HumanKind, a Collective of artists and admirers, of scientists and spiritualists grooving to the tune of one another.

Commonalities are not something we should ever ignore as we trudge through the maze that is ours to solve...

Me & We

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© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We've a collective reality and an individual actuality, best we maintain a loving balance.
Even when we plummet we find ourselves powerless to the undergoing physical change that is set to greet us readily.
Fail not to tote the fullness of Love, for the One Exactness of God unfolds upon our stewardship...
To the brutal chains of our existence, end your reign on humankind, or we will greet you with your own broken reflection...
God needn't us to take a step away,
God needs us to forget the story
And take up the story where your savior left off in his testament to God, not away, within God rises along with Love, the story moving forward to the unfolding truth... breathe children of God... Be.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


As tall as we may feel
There's always a tree
Or a bluff or a mountain
That reaches higher still
Bows our prideful heads
Opens our eyes up to us
Nothing more for now
Enough of our sightless romp
Temper the see through wall
Not much of a wall if you ask me
More like a window in order to see

As tall as we may feel
There's always a tree

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime