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Must we still shatter each other's bones?

Haven't we had enough of bloodthirsty war?

Boom boom comes the answer we seek!

Silence follows...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The truth is on my tongue, it requires no established law that does not factor into the constant flux.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


That which is true and real already is.

Why we can't see it? It's all of the awfulness we have smeared over the source of our sustenance so we can no longer sense Home.

Open your wings to Love and Peace, all else follows...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Those who have sought God have found God, not in a story, but within themselves. That's their power, if they would just relinquish the stories and progress...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


You say you live for Christ, I would say it would be better to live like the Christ in your story, as equals...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

The Midst

Progress is like a jigsaw puzzle for those in the midst of it, we find what we want and put it into place, create it, let's do so graciously and with a grand and joyous laughter. It'll help implement changes that are good for the whole.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Hero's (Savior's) enter in the most unexpected of ways.

When the hero becomes you,
rise with it in the most unexpected of ways...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


This election isn't about changing anything, neither party can stand the test of the truth. We are fooling ourselves if we don't demand better of ourselves, and also demand better of these tired cliches seeking the power of delusion's grandeur...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

When Greatness Comes

When greatness becomes any
It will be a part of the flow
When greatness gets ahead of itself is when the humbling comes.

I cannot stop being righteous, the truth humbly demands it of Me.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Do I find my truth like a birthmark, scour the body for an angel's kiss, scan the surface for shadows, fingerprints left behind in search of my beginning?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


God, what is wrong with us? Have we lost our damn minds?

We look like idiots debating whose most suited to lead the circus that our stewardship's become! Presidential candidates playing from a script that both party's wrote and corporate media publishes. We're fools if we don't see it, ignorant beasts if we continue to tell ourselves it's not happening.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The wind-
I am a part of that machine.

The sun-
I am a part of that machine.

The rain-
I am a part of that machine.

The soil-
I am a part of that machine.

The tree-
I am a part of that machine.

The mountain-
I am a part of that machine.

The plant and animal-
I am a part of that machine.

The Slave system-
I am a part, but I'm merely a victim, set to be a peacemaker wielding forgiveness in a word. It's the one thing I'm abundantly good at, crafting the dream upon the landscape of mercy...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime