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Dear brother,
Yea though I walk among my fellow human, among wars, murder, greed, genocide, self-righteousness, believers, non-believers, rapists and thieves, but there I go repeating myself... yet, here among the natural and the unnatural, I fear nothing, for God's Love and Peace are with me, with all.

God has not left, nor abandoned anyone or any natural thing. God (Love & Peace) is the One Spirit and cannot be rejected, despite what our stories would have us believe beyond doubt instead of have us know.

I love all, bar not one child of God, despite what they believe. Forgiveness is divine. It makes sense then that we too are to be truly forgiving, which, by the way, doesn't require belief, it only requires that we act upon the truth of our kinship to Home and all others.

When we Forgive, dear friends, we are being God-like and that is divine.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime