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We are not here for political degradation!  We're not here to despise one another! We're not here to hate and be hated! ❤️ We are here to love and be loved...❤️ We're not here to be predators! We're not here to salute a flag! We're not here to believe more than we know! 🆓 We are here to be free people's united in kinship...🆓 We're not here to hold a grudge! We're not here to go hungry! We're not here to have a career! 🌏 We are here to be a steward to Home and ALL others...🌎 We're not here to be judge, jury or executioner! We're not here to murder, rape and pillage! We're not here to wage abhorrent wars! ✌️ We are here to be peacemakers...✌️ We're not here to spoil the air, water and soil! We're not here to overdose on our virulent genius! We're not here to commit a collective suicide!  ☯ We are here to unite for the cause of One...
© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Sorrow brandishes no weapon and rage is the master of brute-force.  To all who turn the children away from innocence and into savagery, your own echo will find you breathing invisibly.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


To uplift is not to change another, it is to invigorate the spirit which belongs to all...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Natural Buffet

By its very nature there is no decline to War, there is only the inclination toward Peace. 2.
We spend lifetimes living in regret, because we were stupid and also spent a lifetime living in greed, squalor, war, corruption, violence. Where have we placed our Peace in this hierarchy of deeds we've deemed to serve our purpose? 3.
How long has "the lie" been told? (Which one?) Good point, let's say the lie that we are not born innocent, but with the price of sin, which was supposedly already forgiven by Jesus... It's a bit confusing. 4.
How do we not know that we're being parasitic to Home? Are we sightless to our own sins because we imagine they'll still be forgiven by their savior, which ironically enough is ourselves. Tragic, when you get down to the nitty gritty.. 5.
The original altar is enough, no church, synagogue, temple, etc, can increase the nearness to God within and through all things. It's just a building created from said original altar. Let&…