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I am flying with God now
Magnificent wingspan
The view is unreal
(No. It's real.)
The view is real.
I see it all without seeing it.
I see it all...? A seer?

The dab lifts the truth up to who I am. Just high enough to glimpse a massive forehead coming my way.

(I don't get it? Is it a new-age riddle?)

It's Me. I'm entering in last in the story, so spiritually speaking I'm here to find a balance between God and Love before all hell breaks loose. If you lost hope in me, it is a great regret, but you didn't really lose hope in me, you gave it to me and for that I thank you.

(Aww... Ain't that the sweetest thing?)


(Oh my God it just hissed at me! Run kids!)

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