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There are so many things that I didn't do, so, as an ironic twist, my undoing is what feels like an inability to do anything beyond my undoing.

Thank goodness my head's flipped upside down, gives me a rather unusual perspective on the matters before us.

(You mean before We? Who do you think you are now? Adam?)

Aren't we all a collective Adam and Eve, metaphorically speaking?


We have no more of a clue as to what we're meant to do than the story of the scantily clad ignoramuses gala acting in the garden.


So sure, Adam makes as much sense as any other role I can imagine of Me. Surely Adam and Eve would have viewed the (H)eartH in a different light compared to we industrious parasitic present-dayers?

(You're cracked, Scribbler!)

You think that's cracked, get a load of this, now is the garden of Eden that we've hidden from ourselves by our virulent allowances. Now is the moment at hand. Now we have a choice to make,not unlike the first two legendar…


When he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun.” ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Now. A hideousness is trying to slay our children,
Inflame fear, crush our hearts and spirits.
What horror rises of such horrid belief? Now. Imagine waking to a kindness so colossal
That its head stands above us like a god,
A god that we worshipped and prayed to,
That we saw in the garish house of worship,
Our approval, feverishly vowing to die for it. Now. God we gladly give ourselves to upon bent knees,
Crying out to be spared any immense suffering.
What wonder can near such conceivable certainty? Now. Love is wonder, peace is stillness,
Forgiveness given, Laughte risen. Now. A hideousness is trying to slay our children,
Inflame fear, crush our hearts and spirits.
What horror rises of such horrid belief? Now. Imagine waking to a kindness so colossal
That its head stand…


The train whistle is best from afar, the distance rings like a memory, it slithers the landscape like a copperhead in silent prayer. As it passes it reminds me of mans loud genius. Now a plane flys over. The noise... will it ever cease? (Yes.)
© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The groove begins where it left off. It is akin to our story, only we turned it into beliefs instead of continuing forward. Is it no wonder we find ourselves steeped in war and corruption? Let's ask them to turn our story loose so that we, as a collective, can continue manifesting our actual story. We don't like where they're taking us, it is not glory, nor goodness. The story tellers have grown stagnant, thoughtless to the truth of our purpose.  We create, it's "what" we're born to do. Creation waits for us to move forward with our thinking. It has great hope in our instincts, we are animals, after all, so our "intuition" needs grow stronger. Intuition is also spiritual instinct. In order for us to recognize Home as Heavenly, even Heaven itself, we're going to need to evolve. Our spiritual evolution for cherishing Home is going to need a kickstart.  We have forgotten where we are. We have forgotten what we are. We have forgotten who we are…


I have two paths to follow, the one that was chosen for me and the one I'm creating from what already was.

I am upon both paths as the balance, I must traverse each of them in order to find the truth...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The ghosts of our stand
The boogeyman come undone
The truth is heavier than us
We are minuscule, we are small
Our thoughts bend around money
It's time to make our way free
Searching all our lives for love's tree
Climb the tall trunk, scale her majesty
Don't forgo her gifts, her skin, her glee
Raise your voices, stand up for Home
Her seeds, her soil, her air and water
Rise now to the occasion of Heaven
To what we breathe, what we are
Never end, always kindness, begin
Why'd we stop? Why'd we do it again
Jump! Leap now, start a revolution
Begin to change with evolution
Come and be the change we see
Now, now, now and now be

Live, Love, Laugh

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime