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Showing posts from May 8, 2016

Coming Down

The word's coming down
String's enter the veins
Spirit's groove with nothing to lose

We're ready now, breathe
We're sliding into truth
Inheriting the one seed
A relevant evolution
Solution to the mind's pollution
We need the mind's silent revolution

(A circle has an echo, let's assure ours grooves.)

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Give me the reins
I'll ride through them

The distant bay of a dog
Tells me I'm near.
The birdsong
says breathe, be,
The sting of resistance
says now


I have the whole of Spirit within Me. It never left, I nearly shackled it to death, but I managed to resuscitate the collective story, it's an epic spiritual! Rejoice and giddy up!


When did our stories become doctrines?

When did our beliefs become more important than what is known?

When will we remember our purpose?

(Please use a number two pencil only, class, when filling in your answers. When you are finished you may leave. Good luck...)




The battle holds our imagination hostage.
The blade touches our neck.
Let it rest now, this murder,
Reminder of our arrogance,
A dalliance with war's teeth.