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The day is heavenly
The clouds are fat
The wind, a steady caress
The birdsong holding it all
Aloft for us to heed...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

The Elasticity

Need someone to remove the stains and relieve the hemorrhoid's raging by stopping it with the elasticity of the human form. We are not the most graceful animal in our fledgling creations, but we can certainly groove if we believe in ourselves! That day ever comes for me, the belief in self, I will weep with gratitude and laugh and love like none other for what I missed... My own family too... and I recall the story I witnessed, and never saw comin'...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Productive Spiritual

(The last I heard, if truth be told-oh what a cute blouse- and I always tell the truth.

(Why out loud though?

Ha! Touche'... I must not be loud enough and commanding enough for a savior of consideration. Today was a very productive day...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


They want you to scream and act like Captain Hook on colonipin and raw coffee beans as tick tacks!

(Oh! That guy! That guy's shooting for the stars of God's dream.

(Agghhh that was sweet... Get a motel room.)

Ha! Sure thing! Beats sleeping on the ground!

(Ha! Right?)


© 2016 Mark

Richard Prime