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A Murder of Crow Ten in one tree Plotting with the thunder They seem to agree Harbingers of fate perhaps Ten crows in one tree Cawing to beat the rain Calling down above Me Thunder holds them there One, two, three- rolling now Something startles them Circling to another tree The strangled warble grows The thunder fades Rain Thunder rolls Five crows one tree Thunder, off to another tree The tallest in my sight The rain seems to say There'll be no death tonight © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


It is not an easy thing this atmosphere of expectation this arena of belief coliseum's of suffering over relief ghosts of intention the slow slide of a mind unfolding the pathway littered with soured tests a glancing penance of unrest entering backward lest we forget I'm the imperfect son the next one the undone the lost the found the turned around the love bound the upside down the weeping man head in the sand spoiling the plan loves all, not just some the whole, not just one The cardinal thrums here come the drums A fee and a fie, a foe and a fum Rata tat tat drum drum drum I sense my own reckoning my own truth beckoning God help me © 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The child needs little from us That hasn't already been Stitched by our allowance We need more from them Love, laughter, freedom Peace and forgiveness The child needs little from us We need so much more Be like the little children Be like we were before Raise us up, dear children We long to go back We long to be like you Wings on our back Look at us, look at them They act upon what's known We act upon want Act as if we're alone Truth bleeds as a stream Growing something bigger Allow the dream Laugh like a child Without derision Grasp the vision Make believe We need then see Glimpse what we're doing See what we've done The child knows We've grown ignorant Numb Stupid is as stupid does The child knows love We, not one nth more We foment the conflict From our greed to war When did we forget The dog knows more The child breathes Exhales just beneath Greet your child smiling Inhale yourself back Return from the dead D


Little reason exists for us to stay the course of want Much is to be said for our turning toward Home The green and blue orb we haunt The drum's have been drumming Down the blacktop they've been coming Don't resist, change their minds toward peace Don't turn away and run stay and face the stream The river follows rise with it Tell them plans are useless without the whole dream It does not bend to fear's might So turn them back into the sun's light When first they came we knew When next they enter we must, too Their destruction we shall cease The foul obstruction shall not be We're the stewards they, the destroyers Industry's tormentors inventors of indifference Stand up prepare to clear the barbed fence Steady your legs for more than plans Head up, spirit whole One, now dance We are on the way children leading our way Cherubs and Angels Love's breathing sway The beasts of noise won't stand a chance