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Let us once again fall in Love with Home

It'll go a long way in assuring that it's made much easier for us to Love ourselves and to be at Peace with all others.

Instead of using creation to take the brunt of our full spectrum of beliefs, especially the belief that "consumption" is our reason for being, we should tamp down our godawful human pride and just BE.

What a glorious triumph that shall be for all things!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


God, please forgive me
(H)eartH, please forgive me
Chelsea, please forgive me
Michelle, please forgive me
Shalea, please forgive me
Luke, please forgive me
Caleb, please forgive me
Oscar, please forgive me
Wanda, please forgive me
Teresa, please forgive me
Joe, please forgive me
Meagan, please forgive me
Lisha, please forgive me
Harlie, please forgive me
Michael, please forgive me
Robert, please forgive me
Sheila, please forgive me
Terry, please forgive me
Donald, please forgive me
Mama, please forgive me
Daddy, please forgive me
Teresa, please forgive me
Philip, please forgive me
Jason, please forgive me
Jeremy, please forgive me
Coeta, please forgive me
Larry, please forgive me
Aunts, please forgive me
Uncles please forgive me
Grandmas, please forgive me
Grandpas, please forgive me
Nieces, please forgive me
Nephews, please forgive me
Cousins, please forgive me
Mothers, please forgive me
Fathers, please forgive me
Family, all, please forgive me
Friends, all, please forgive me



The red sun moves the sky
The dark moon glides
This is the beginning
Not never, not end
But never-end

(Sounds like hell)


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Freedom is a word
That has its essence within it

Slavery is a word
That hasn't Freedom within it

Here I am
Come and get me
Or come at me
One in the same


Lit by the sea
Doused by the sun
Not alone, not empty
The biggest number
The only number

The moon is nearing full
The howl getting closer
Coming around
Park bench-

(Hey! Over here! It's Me!)

The moon rising with the sky
Sky of stars
Shooting car
Far far far away
Strawberry lemonade
Water's free
Lemon's too
Sugar'll cost ya
Where ya going?

(Home! Only made a quarter! One measly quarter!)

It's not about how much
It's about the joy of lemonade
No joy unless you give it away
Still, sugar is costly

(Not as costly as sorrow or pride or hate or tomorrow.)

Lemonade stand

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Why did you forsake me?

(Because you left us there!)

Why did you forsake me?

(Because you left us there!)

Why did you forsake-

(Because you left us-)

Why did you-

(Because you left-)

Why did-

(Because you-)




Why did you forsake me?

(Because you left us there!)

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The carriage pulls up
Before the noise
It stirs the dust
Over bare feet
Moves the forest to shimmer
The light's tallness
Lording over
Holding its gaze to the brush

Leave it be
Says the weaver of need
Will you be true as fate bleeds
Will you unwind the clocks
Dismantle their ticktock's
Strike the drum,
Pray the sun
Return to me
The loving sea

I return my waves to you
I return the water
Says the sea
I set it free

Rolling in false promises
The scepter shines like ivory
The fire's risen
Not before the water
Or before Me

We will douse its flames
Fire for fire
Says the sea and Me
We'll set it free

The carriage pulls up
Before the noise
It stirs the dust
Over bare feet

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The coloring books
The finger paints
The child's hands
The cherub's face
The artist's Muse
The (H)eartH's canvas

Beneath the sky's richness
Perfection is born

God desires we learn
More than we teach
More than imagine it's so
God desires we know
All children are precious
All Life is The Child of God

Best we learn and remember.





As I find myself known
God awaits my prayers
You seek my awakening
The Child seeks my care
Each and all, gifts to share


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Reefer Madness is a relic that has lost its power, which only had legs because we failed to sufficiently rise up.

This is a new and decisive wave, a return to ourselves as a collective. They don't stand a chance against the burgeoning collective, brothers and sisters.

The medicine is about to be set free, and, this go around, we shall make sure that the whole cannabis plant remains in our hands, to never be stolen again.

God bless us all...

Love and Peace

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


We sit in our cubicles
With our morning jolt
Push and fudge numbers,
Plan and poke
Wait for ideas to explode
Wait and wait and wait
A breathless trek
With weary legs
A consumptive deck
Stacked against electric walls
Believing in some wayward call

Everything imagined is not the truth
Toss in your change at the slipshod booth
Wait for the all clear
Then rev and scoot

The horizon behind us
In our insipid rush
A master plan
A sardonic clan
Flying down the highway
Gotta make that cash
Breathing upon the wayward path-

Where are we going again?

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Crank the revolution up
Don't lay down your vote
And walk away satisfied
You walk away
You won't know
The system already died

Wake up
Not business as usual
Push it to the edge
Don't dive headlong
Don't jump off the ledge
Jump in and begin
No edge of satisfaction

Jump jump jump in
Dive in

Let's put our use to use
Wear it like a cape
Fly with a power pack
Take it back

Join the dance
Now's the time
Creation's glance!
The horse pulls the cart
In this dance

The majority rules
Rules, not owns
We are not alone
Wake up
Jump in
Take it all back!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Children of Creation
God is not dead
We're coming back
Coming back to Life
Rise Rise Rise

The voice of God
Comes not in word
At least not to Me
The truth rings a birdsong
The tongue of Creation
Rumbles a familiar vibration

Speak now I beg
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
We begin to quake
Rising up
On Home's behalf
Rising for the Mother
For the child, for Life
For all others

Darkness speaks
With the other side
Of light
Man, Woman, Child
I am
He is
She is
We are

Walk to the quaking light
Enter the voice of God
A language unknown
Yet not undetectable

New directions
Build it up inside
No need to hide
The voice unfolds
A constant turntable
Round and round again
God's got the truth
Won't give it away
We have to find it
Seek the rumbling Stone
The Oceans, the Air
The Valley's of Home
It never-ends
There is no time
To the tongue of God
God's got mine

I'm fine
A rattled cage
Is old news to me
Already passed through
Dancing for years, too
No, I'm…


March 16 2016

---Iraq says plane went down in Kirkuk, shot down by ISUS---

The last time we were here
The coffins draped in flags
Were only outnumbered
By those stuffed in bags.

The echo grows louder
The second time around...

---Giant Texas cross sparks atheist lawsuit---

One giant cross
Suffers alone
Leave it be
Roll away the stone
Rise as One collective
There's much less agony

---Storms replenish key reservoir amid California drought---

going to be okay.
It's a circle, this Life,
Home still turns
Nothing dies,
Or stays dry for long...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


The collective humanity need reach out to one another.

It is imperative that we find no more cause for war.

Reach out! Rise up!

Do not forgo our sovereign duty!

Usher in Love, summon your Peacemaker!

Roar like a Lion protecting Home and Family!

God awaits our choice now, not then or later, now...

Please forgive me for coming around so god awfully late...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


God, I weep for what's been done!

God, I weep for what continues!

God, I weep for Love's exhaustion!

God, I weep for Peace having been lost!

God, I weep for Forgiveness being hidden!

God, I weep for the sirens of Home!

God, I weep for my own transgressions!

God, I weep loudest for the Children! For the youth who stand nearest the Truth and see us building walls instead of bridges, digging graves instead of burying our judgements!

God, I weep!

Set Me free of humankind's chokehold, let Me speak!

God, I weep!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime