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Haven't I wept enough?

Haven't I wept enough?

This river has come undamned!

Wait no more!

Love is in Me,
Peace and I agree,
Laughter sought now,
Forgiveness somehow,
God, set Me free of me
I've wept enough for my sins,

I need to begin!
I needed all to be forgiven,
Saved from ignorance,
I've climbed out of the cavern of want and surfaced in your original altar-

(I don't know what that means?)

Oh hush your damnable lies!
You pretend too damn much, brother and sister!

Your Christ speaks through Me now! Listen!

He is not alone!

No more of your prideful and selfish charade!

You needn't pretend anymore that you know anything of what awaits the collective!

Enough of your foul use of Christ's brother, enough use of yourself and all others!

Pious and rigid you repeat your selective verse, it's perverse, it begs its own worth, collapses under the story's girth!

(Are you angry? Are you packing heat?)

STOP YOUR IGNORANCE, CHURCH! The church is humankind …


Dear blogger friends... Thank you for the lift! You are much cherished by Me. Thank you, emboldened tribe of lovers and warriors, rich and poor, loud and gentle, talented and funny. Thank you for the left, right and center jump start to our coming around...


"Sometimes you get the Bear and sometimes the Bear gets you..."

I looked at Kiwi with wonder as her tiny shell tore into that pair of innocent big dogs yesterday with a rather daunting savagery from such a sweet creature. It was a sight to behold.

I now realize that it was a spiritual thing that had occurred instinctually in her, an instinct for the betterment of the whole. She was trying to tell them (and by extension, Me) that they'd come to the wrong driveway, and that those using me for sport had/have bitten off far more than they could/can possibly have chewed.

Kiwi, a most loving and gentle creature, chased them away with great authority because she loved them and knew they wanted lit…