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All politics are a sham. All.

We are trapped in our illusion of change coming from the halls of power, when change will never remain if we do not disconnect ourselves from the system that creates the illusion.

I'm here to change all of that. Here to open the hoodwinked eyes of our walking corpse.

All politics and all politicians are either groomed patriots , garishly costumed priests, corruptible weaklings concerned with flash and pitiable stories of their own struggles, surging old men and women who claim to understand the plight of their fellow man.

All scripted!

The worst damn reality show is the one that reflects an ignorance to the illusion of change by repeating the same exact thing and getting the same exact results and then somehow blaming those that don't participate in the damn illusion!


Come walk and talk with me, I can help, just ask. It will be worth your time to trust me.

Now... WAKE UP!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Unfolding Illusiory Madness

We fight to have the money masters pay us more of their printed illusion so we can afford more of our survival earnings to survive. That's not living! That's an untenable wage!

See the problem with our foul "need" of money?

Here's an idea- lower the cost of things or end the madness of money altogether before this inexplicable idea of more and more and more collapses in on itself! Think! Think! Think! If we do not think of cooperation without cost, the world will find itself at war without it...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


dear Woman
you're floating above
like worship
we must hold you there
raise you up
in our thoughts
in our prayers
our flesh and bone care

the truth is, all women
are the essence
of Mother
and this
without resistance is
the truth of our beginning

you are all beautiful
not just to God
or (H)eartH
but to those like Me
those who seek
our own true worth

it is at our birth
we seek the light
come howling from
your loving nest
into ready arms
and nurturing breasts

we seek then to connect
for Love's sake
upon your pathway
our green breathing
our beginning

you are the pathway
back home for each
of our warm beginnings
through your flesh
through your spirit
through your red reach

woman, mother, daughter
sacred echoes of
life's new breathing

i humbly bow
as a son
a vacant father
a present brother
uncle, grandfather
i bow
to the power of woman

to the whole of Mother
i graciously applaud
the fullness of Mother
sacred angels

any that deny this truth
have yet to know God

© 201…


Why do we convince ourselves that the lie, no matter how slight it might be, is somehow better than the truth? It is truly the thing that becomes the roadblock in our way to seeking and perhaps even finding the truth. Overtime the little fib, the tall tale, the lie, becomes heavier and heavier, so heavy in fact, that the lie becomes the truth in our collective and lying eyes.

Truly though, it is the ultimate truth that has never been known to us. Does this mean that belief is a lie?

When we convince ourselves of something that is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth we find ourselves in a constant erosion of truth. Thank God then that it is a circle we traipse around on or we'd be sunk by the unfolding nature of deceit. Instead we find ourselves waking to a new truth, a new (H)eartH, a true Heaven. The key is to never forget, not memorize our mistakes only to again fall victim to their repetitive nature.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime