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Let me have the fullness of affection toward Home, let me have the fullness of Love in my Heart(H), the fullness of Peace in my intentions and the fullness of Forgiveness, a pre-drawn conclusion. Let me have the truth of me, otherwise I'm of no use to Creation, none of us are if we don't know who we are by now...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime

Ebony's Dress

Hi, Ebony! Don't you look stunning in your lovely and angelic dress...

Thank you for shining your light upon the rest of us.

Did you know, child, that the light we see coming from the stars happened so long ago that it just now is revealing itself to us? Yes... You, like all children of Creation, are that light, that angel arriving now to our delight.

Thank you, dear Ebony, God bless you and yours lovely princess...


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Why do we imagine that we must believe in something?

Isn't that an absolute, belief?

I mean sure, we must believe in something and by belief I mean what else were we supposed to do, were we supposed to guess who we were what we were and where we were? That's asking quite a bit. We are advanced thinkers, don't you think we can find our way around this? Believe. Be.

I'm sorry for all the questions. I know you're just looking for answers... aren't we all?

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We conjure the fearful spirit so much quicker than we do the loving spirit.
Have we no cause to celebrate?
Have we no reason to rise up as stewards?
Have we lost our minds as well as our way?

I suggest we find our wits on the trek Home, that way we’ll have no excuse for our parasitic leanings. Instead, we could begin to heal by cleansing our toxins out of everything, allow the (H)eartH to breathe in its natural state for a good while, let Home heal of our shortsighted inventions. Stop fighting and be.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


This guy, this guy with a cigarette in his hand, he is the guy that knows, oh, all of the others in me know, too, but this guy, he s delivers the spirit, he's got the tongue of-

(We interrupt this tired speech for an action movie! Atleast with an action flick there's action and not just flowery words designed to flatter the sense of Home snd Family. Oh! What a cruel joke to have it be me, cried this guy! At least action movie characters have the decency to appear as if they're doing something...)

Who's that guy?

(That's This guy?)

Okay. Then who is this guy?

 (Yes. That's him.)

This guy?


This guy, this guy with a cigarette in his hand, he is the guy that knows, oh, all of the others in me know, too, but this guy, he delivers the spirit, he's got the tongue of God.

(Hush now child, everything's going to be better than okay, it's going to be Heavenly! ☯💜☮)

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Where we were born, we were supposed to create our own Eden's in our particular part of the Garden. It's The Garden, a heaven that floats through the sky with precision for our continued sustenance, needs consistently met by the source beneath our feet.

Could it always have been God?

(Everything is.)


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Dear Charisma, I am so sorry that you are being bullied. Don't allow other's cruelty to change you, dear cherub.

The bully you must not fear, but pity, for surely they are sadness personified...

Bless you and yours, Charisma. What a wonderful name for a wonderful person... I pray God comforts you and heals your spirit of such cruelty. And I pray God comforts the bully and shows them your true heart. Bless you, child.  Love and Peace
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


(Don't let them rattle your cage!)

(Don't let them scare you!)

(Don't let them tell you who you are!)

Their frightful plans have been for nothing. Pray they end their empty scheming, or pray they can survive their own dismal echo.

Change... there's less suffering in it.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We send our kids off to be educated because we're too damned busy being enslaved by corporate warlords without a lick of true goodness in their profits!

Starving children, and we pay a movie star, athlete, dancer, daredevil, artist, etc, millions to entertain us while children are being murdered for resources, while whole peoples are being slaughtered in the name of a deity! There are people selling people, raping people, enslaving people, terrorizing people, torturing people, abusing people, killing people.

People killing animals for trinkets! People taking and selling human organs for great monetary profit! People mocking the destitute! People being cruel to people!

End this human madness, cried the sun!

Cease the madness of over-consuming! Taking and taking until the source is left without a choice, but to cleanse itself...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We are trapped in our own creation until we find a way beyond belief and into the truth. I summon it now, the truth, as Giant paces the kingdom that moves above us.

Giant has been absent for far too long now...

(Giant is with us!)

What did Giant do when he heard the children suffering on earth?


What did Giant do when he witnessed genocide?


What did Giant do when he saw that the final war was upon us?

(Mankind is responsible for everything, not Giant!)

Giant had empathy, more than most Giants and certainly more than humans, and he sent them a messenger at the pace set by evolution and it indeed changed them, thereby saving them from themselves.

(Giant is most generous! Giant is good! Giant blesses us with Giant kindnesses and sustenance...)

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

A Matter Of

(It’s a matter of fact, says the scientist.)

(It’s a matter of belief, says the priest.)

It’s a matter of the Truth, the balance between fact and faith, says Exactness.

(Our belief is The Truth, imposter!)

Then create it! Create that which you pine for! Create your Heaven! Stop paying lip-service to the savior and rise as one yourselves! Stop playing a foul charade with the truth! Be savior's to one another on earth! Your savior would be grateful that you've ended your obsession with the story and instead began to focus on the actual truth of our tenure. It is not a place of torment, this Home, this is The Garden, the entire scene, the Global Garden.

The Garden.


It's not a story. It's an unfolding of truth...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime