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Inhale, expand, open, create, echo.

Exhale reflect, liberate, manifest, breathe.

The medicine brings with it the spirit of Creation. We can't outsmart Mother Nature, so if cannabis is natural and it is intended for our use of it, then what makes us think that cannabis is not the missing link? It'll certainly curb our enthusiasm for oil, plastic, corruption and war, but there I go repeating myself. ☮

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


The child's Hope resonates with us because it speaks a language We long ago forgot... Hope.

The language of Hope is perhaps the single most universal language known to our species. Children innately understand their connection to all things. No training needed.

Hope is never prohibited, always making its way in our prayers, always a need away from the next, until a smoothness is drawn, etched by the intentions to love all.

Let us bask in Hope's resurgence, for it is our Hope to suffer no more and begin to truly live.

So be it...


Mark Prime


(Can you stop?)

There is no on/off switch.

(Can you, perhaps write in code?)

I am writing in code, the decoded language of our original ancestors.

What a long and storied history we've had and what amazing advancements world wide and great feats of heroism that brought the collective to cheering, a past of great philosophy, art, literature, plays, symphonies, paintings, sculptures, architecture and love, but where was Peace? Has Peace succumbed to war? Has Forgiveness made nest deep underground to keep the bullets and bombs from finding it? Perhaps if it showed its lenient face, war would find no reason to continue? Welcome to mine and my world. We are Angels to Home and Humanity, we are legion, we are strong and we are here to peacefully and lovingly as brothers and sisters set the record straight...


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Perhaps the holy icons you worship instead of one another are the division that does not exist in Creation's unfolding, but we believe beyond doubt we are thereby creating the very thing we ourselves call into being as we manifest what we believe in beyond doubt.

If we still think that God is about suffering, let's try imagining a vast expanse between us and something we'll not see, because it's going to take more than just seeing to complete the bridge to the other side of our breathing... Either way, Heaven awaits!

(How do ya figger, Scribbler?)

I didn't, I am not that good at math.:)

It is purposed within the flow of creation, that instead of stillness snd relying on God and one another, we let go the truth of us, time to get it back, time to believe in something worth repeating...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


When dealing with others I believe we must express our own assembled truth and not these tired niceties, I mean please continue to be nice and cheerful as you can muster, but sometimes we need to have the debate, our evolving spirits and minds are thirsty for the truth... I say let's feed them before they too are grey under the chin... Wink wink nudge tickle and poke, playfully... it beats the hell out of War, thereby ending even a hint of its misshapen countenance... Truth. Mark Richard Prime, married to Fear, turned out to be Love, found Peace, not she. Why? Answer the riddle, but do not so quickly imagine your right because someone didn't check their sources before publishing words... stories which lead and led to war.

(What happened to humankind grandpa?)

It was given to us by you, my dear child, without saying a word, you led us out of the ashes, now we are prepared to begin again in the present tense.

(I love you, grandpa!)

And I, you, dear child...

© 2015 Mark Richard P…


Do not persecute another!
Do you want to be God-like or do you want to be enslaved?
Free yourself,
be a savior to all others before yourself, freedom is assured.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


I am. "I am", makes more sense when one knows the truth behind themselves, not a photo album, but a memory assembled by discovery of who, what and where, making the why superfluous. Thank God!


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


I'm sure it's the purpose of the medicines, the lessening of fear. It's logical reasoning, or so I believe.

As for the fear of death, the medicine is one half of the equation, our evolution of the spirit/mind is the other, they work in tandem, accord, in order to find the best equilibrium and stop our noise making...

Bless you and yours... ☮💚☯

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Maybe you didn’t see me?
Maybe the year's end,
The ghost’s on my trail,
Maybe more than I know?

What’s new ghosts?
Why are you wasting your time?
I’m not giving up or giving in,
I am giving it away, friends.

(You are a ghost of your former self.)

Have you found God, they asked?

I saw God walking within,
Thus I joined the conversation.

I asked them, have you found the Truth yet?

They screamed like a blind cat without milk,
You’re gonna burn forever!

I wept, then I laughed and replied,
I love you, but I do not like your belief’s suffering,
There’s too much of it, especially the eternal part.
It spills out into the streets,
Avenues of consumption, roadways of ends
Instead of new beginnings.

You think we won’t know?
Remember your words, change them,
but only after their truth swims within...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We have the God that is,
The God we wanted.
Watch your dreams,
Steady your mind in them,
Soar the tallest vision.

We have the God that is,
The God that we wanted.
Confess nothing, until you know,
Love all things, until you go,
Grow with God, not away.

We’re singing songs about missing something,
Something known, not guessed or believed, known.
Know now. Now known. Now.

Quit groaning of loss and then not do a damn thing!
Wake up, recognize, rejoice, and begin to sing,
Voices raised to the sky’s original tallness!

This song spins out of my control,
It’s your souls my spirit knows.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Are you quite through with your retribution, because now's the time of Forgiveness?


I'll take that as a yes.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

Makes Sense

Don’t think about the yellow duck in the living room.

(What duck?)

The yellow duck.

(There’s more than one duck in your living room?)

Not as a rule, no. There’s generally only one duck in the house at a time, like the yellow duck.

(Makes sense. Have you ever considered therapy, Scribbler?)

The duck doesn’t need it, but didn’t I ask you at the beginning to not think about the duck?

(Yes. But that’s exactly what such things accomplish, huh? This particular such thing brought one to think of nothing but a yellow duck in the living room. We are supposed to ignore the yellow duck? How? It hasn’t stopped quacking since we got here!)

Hasn’t stopped being yellow, either…

(Son of a-!)

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


The biggest fools are the fools who pretend they're in charge of anyone or anything other than themselves.

(And so many fools aren't even in control of that.)

They've been lied to their whole lives, no wonder they're out of control, they don't know anything worth repeating.

(You've certainly found something worth repeating, but now what?)


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


So my suffering is now, but it was due. ETA, now, ETD, when the mission here is complete.

(I knew Prime was one o' them thar aliens! I knew it!)

You mean you believed it, for to have known it, you'd be deemed a liar by the one that knows he's not.


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We must begin to rectify our misuse of Home.

(That's certainly reasonable.)

We must begin to change our methods, they needn't be parasitic, they need be complimentary, beneficial, and certainly worthy of repeating.

The balance, dear souls, is a prerequisite to our continued journey. If not, the edge will give way and we will have wasted a lifetime without evolving...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Without God there would be nothing. I mean squalor, sure, but nothing worth repeating.

We may have been told not to fear, but look at us? Fearful savages bent on enslavement! Savage is bad enough, but a savage slave, I will not even consider the amount of spirit that would be torn away from such a script...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Nobody wants to change what you believe, we need to focus more now on what we know so that we can salvage such a war ridden and contemptuous tenure. What were we thinking we were supposed to do? Work forty to sixty hours a week just to survive all those things we create that either have no practical purpose, but to end up in a landfill, or that have no soul.

Careful preachers of "holy" doctrine, what you call gospel may come back to bite you because you didn't think it through nearly enough...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

HOPE HOPe HOpe Hope hope. Again!

Isn't "HOPE" that thing that floods our thoughts when we're in true need?

Isn't HOPE that which should be viewed as a form of silent PRAYER and a PRAYER that is answered by those with giving hearts?

Hope is prayer and prayer is a hopeful discussion followed by action, thought, then come's the echo of what those actions bring forth through our unwitting manifestation of an actuality unfolding in the now that we alone summoned by our belief's in action, or our belief's inaction. Either way, prepare for an adjusted manifestation, adjusted so that agony and suffering will never unfold again.


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Peace is under water!

Forgiveness is filling in until the trifecta of Love, Peace and Forgiveness arise as One.


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

Tree Talk

The reflection beckons, said the rain.
It is I said the tree, my limbs reach back to you, dear water.

I am, We are, One,
even our reflection,
even the tree...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Then comes the upside of unfolding, brothers and sisters, there are no absolutes to thinking, only shifts from time to time.

I say that now we are more like a standard transmission, rather than an automatic. We must engage more in the rituals that bring about change for the betterment of the whole of Creation...then we can become automatic without appearing to be either zombies or androids. No offense to zombies or androids...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime