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She is the Mother in search of a Father, at least a figure of the man she believes she needs, and she does, does Love.

I need know the pang of my own vacant fatherhood. In order to serve, I ingest and cleanse sickness and fear, in search of self, coming up empty, still combing the debris and on to the next dis-ease until we are the cure and not some vacant thing waiting for a savior instead of being one.

She manifests the echo of creation come through the balance between God and Love.

I now believe. I scribe the story with a balanced curiosity, with many hands and many souls.

She waits, I groove.
I wait, She grooves.
You wait, We groove.

We do.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


I'm bringing the truth back with me. I had to dig deep to the dregs of myself, the hell I had created by my own actions, but as I swam through myself I recognized something in the tree, it was a child...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


In prayer...
the medicine of man,
the elixir
of the human land,
where life surrounds them life is recognized
as a singular motion,
a mesmerizing explosion, a rainbow of color,
sight and sound,
Waits for us to recognize
Our Heaven is ours to paint upon, our easel from which to lean, to laugh, to love, for where else does one learn to be One with all things?

We need sense Home as all things, not some, that's selfish, God is all, so God demands Oneness.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


We carry our fate to where it can germinate and be nourished into another turn of the story.

Love's taking longer than expected. (Don't expect.) Touché...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


Why pay attention to details when the place is on fire? Let goodness reign, all the rest, a story for us to continue in our evolution... Do not expect... be. There's less suffering in it. Chosen.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

Attention paid...

Don't believe in a thing because you are afraid of some agonizing alternative, believe in it because it's an old familiar song...***

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

With the Wind it Shall...

Poet For The Revolution
This is the right thing to do. Make your words and your actions coincide with the revolution.
The goal is stillness of the spirit, not the stillness of man, therefore it is not just about the rumble of humanKind, it's a celebration of the Spirit's stillness... and with the wind, it will make its way. Evolve...

The Rape of a Child

THE rape OF A CHILD...
There's a difference between human rage from a very visceral reaction to numerous extreme examples, the abuse/rape of children,  another or yourself from imminent harm. I never advocate for not defending yourself or loved ones and I never would. I do not, however, waver on or make distinctions between humans in order to remain equal and humbly righteous...
I would not, however need to kill them, the child will have plenty psychological damage, she certainly doesn't need her father to be taken away, too.
With that, I say I do not want to make that choice, because as a human animal our instincts often override our spiritual path. 
Better that we be spiritually centered in our reactions to horror, there's so much less suffering in it...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime
If you are thinking sabotage be fair warned that there is a clear difference between sabotage for betterment and sabotage for the sake of destroying another, I'd go with betterment if I were you. Ha! I am you and you are me and I am me and you are me and round and round we go... for the betterment of living kind... mutual saboteurs... Peace and Love