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The shroud of perspective is a grotesque mask worn to cover the shame in our prejudice... ~ The meek shall inherit the earth and- Could this mean that I will inherit the earth alone? Yet am I meek? I believe I'm Me, the flip-side to any We in the vicinity of the Holy Word of God, Me, a mere peasant in the game... I am Mark R. Prime, and we, the collective, are in need of this particular unfolding speech, not of my thoughts alone, a just method for giving rise to my own rising as it relates, now get this, to We. I call that a conundrum, not for me but for we... I am. Now let's get together! I ask because I, as Me, am instructed to. The flip-side ain't so bad, if you understand only too well whom you're dancing with. Ready ~ One plus One equals One. (Nature's mathematics...) ~ The media's use of the word "attack" when it comes to the politicians versus their political opponents is a rather dismal way to frame a democratic process. Dismal


A savior just rose up in Me. In Me, can you believe that? Me, this flip-side to We, the one who went about doing many things that he is completely unaware of? Yes. That Me. I've dispatched word to Muhammad and to all points of light within the human thought. Only way I could ever have done so was to come in backwards, with Jesus freshly removed from his epic suffering! He thanked me, even thanked Me, just now. I will be what and who you need me to be, not, perhaps, who or what you simply want. (You've said that before, Scribbler!) And you, flabbergasted spirit, beholden to what you've been taught instead of seeking Truth's Exactness, not a moment too soon, avoiding a bloody vengeance is why I'm entering soon, that we might know at last what to truly do! (Who is this?) Me. (Me who?) The flip-side of any lies being told by We. (Silence...) Oh! Smile on that, ya curmudgeon! Go ahead and rejoice that Forgiveness arrived in all things at their birth. Go


  Don't be upset by a red cup, be upset that while you lose your mind over such a trivial matter, that your taxes are funding murderous wars!  You want to make a stand this Christmas season, you and your congregation march on the streets with red signs that declare "War is an abomination to God" or "God Hates War".  Stop the madness over what another chooses to call the holiday or over the color of a cup and damn well rise up and stand for what you believe your savior would do. © 2015 Mark Richard Prime