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Dear Christians, I understand your stance is based on your beliefs, but please do your best to recognize the tinderbox that this nation is becoming and recognize your roll in it. There's plenty of "blame" to go around without creating more by placing such demands on the constitution based on your beliefs. I haven't a single doubt that if it were say, the second amendment that was under assault and not the first, you'd be congregating on the streets in your defiance instead of remaining in the building you call church. I do not. I will not denigrate your faith, belief, and/or religion, I will certainly challenge it, but that is not the same thing as denigration. 
Please understand that your belief is not the only one, that your rights are not the only rights that find their protection under the U.S. Constitution. -------------------
"The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expressi…


Perhaps you have made a grave error, brother. God, despite your interpretation of your doctrine, condemns no one and loves all equally. Thou shalt not judge, brother. You defy that part of your doctrine at great risk to yourself, just ask your savior, rigid spirit, and when you do, wait for the answer, do not assume that it has already been given by your prideful imagination or your interpretation of the truth. The answer shall come, not of your timing, not under a tent of exclusion, but it will come, rendered in a clear language that even your  sightless rage will comprehend. Perhaps, preacher, it is being revealed to you now...?
Forgive, Love, and usher in Peace with your speech. 

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

(H)eartH and Skies

The (H)eartH and Skies are the wonderment of Creation, and the Heavens of Exactness.
Now and now and now Life utters its speech, flutters its truth.
Seen and heard, known by all, the language born within.
The sun brings warmth down upon us without fail, while the light of all the great and many stars are a radiant feast upon the original altar.
The sunrise is the recurring birth to life's symphony and the sunset is nature's lullaby bowing to the grace of dreams.
Creation moves forth in the constant fluctuation of all things, its course, the never ending revelation of kinship.
The vibration that runs through all, the breath of all things as the imperfect perfection, the breathing testimony of Creation, great and small. 
The voices of exactness are a chorus of angels with wings bent upon the Heart(H), a shade tree, a lush valley, a brook for our thirst,  "all is going to be okay" its moving echo.
The original altar is sacred evermore, we, its trusted and humbly righte…


September is Hunger Awareness Month. 
If we had only thought to end Hunger.
They say there are too many people to feed them all.
They say a lot of things that are preposterous.
They lie. The truth is, there's not one reason for even one to go hungry. The truth.
(Not enough money!)
The biggest lie ever told was and is that there isn't/wasn't enough money to feed the collective. Money needn't factor in at all when it comes to our duty as stewards. Money is illusory, starvation is not.
We do not require money to do what we NEED to do, what we SHOULD do and what we MUST do! 
Money is for our WANT. Food is of our NEED. Food is for SURVIVAL. Money is of our GREED.
Now repeat after me!
Money is for our WANT. Food is of our NEED. Food is for SURVIVAL. Money is of our GREED.
(Money is for our WANT! Food is of our NEED! Food is for SURVIVAL! Money is of our GREED!)
We do not require money to do what we NEED to do, what we SHOULD do and what we MUST do.
(We do not require money …


Our unfolding story is full of great wonder and superlative joy- briefly felt, hunger enters growling. Our stewardship is not to be brief, it is to be constant. The world thirsts for our return to consciousness. The collective shall rise to the challenge posed by starvation's weapon of choice, the illusion of money's need. 
Humankind must rise and resurrect their duty!

We must accept our kinship to all living things and begin to take action in earnest to end the plight of our emptiness.

 Our stomach's growl and you can bet we'll do our damnedest to feed the pit's roaring! 
1. So where's our human empathy, has it been shrunken by indifference?

2. Has empathy starved to death and the media doesn't know how to tell the truth? 
3. Has humanity gone the way of the soil's slow suicide? 
4. Are we starving the (H)eartH with our virulent want?
4. Yes.

3. Yes.

2. Yes.

1. Yes.

Our unfolding story is full of great wonder and superlative joy...
© 2015 Mark Ri…

Several Things Simultaneously

There are several things I have done in my life that provided much bad karma, but those things, I believe, are behind me. I am faced with alternatives, and having made my way around the circle backwards in some purposed dance for thirty years (perhaps my whole life) without having "purposefully" done so, or without knowing that I was or had, thus, I am left with very little room for error. How do I manage this? I don't. I let it unfold in the now, and then inexplicably find myself doing things that seem backwards. That is the part of my reverse order dance that is most challenging, my actions are reactions to a reverse reflection due to my coming in backwards, and that, my fine-feathered friends, is a blessing and a curse according to what I sense as the balance within. 
I often sense that I am being used since I feel that my dance's purpose is known by others, but not (consciously) by me. I know it must seem impossible, but it is true, which is why you'll often…


Let's not get all swept up in the media storms that bombard us with misinformation intended to divide us.
I am becoming adept at navigating the circle that we all traverse in this lifetime. It is a circle and we will find ourselves either making a mad dash to cover up our dreadful ignorance, or we will get in front of it and come clean with ourselves and begin to live, love and laugh with all of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world (the circle).
Let us do this together, if we don't then we are not thinking clearly and missing the point altogether. We have enough on our plate without falling for the corporate media's charade which will only prove that we have been fooled and that we are fools, the lot of us.
Everything exists on a circle and comes back to us. I am/was the poster child for bad karma and I know only too well that the circle will come back to us, to all. We needn't make it worse by jumping in the midst of the charade that moves around the circl…

Mercy's Arrival!

Israel, the day has arrived for your echo into a silence so profound that you will fall to your knees with shuddering grief for your crimes against the Palestinian People's! 
The children will forgive you when they hear you crying out for mercy, and forgiveness shall come, but only after the much needed lesson has been engraved on your consciousness! After the truth is etched deep within your spirit! Shame on you, Israel! 
It is time for the Jewish people to damn well rise up against your government!  Rise up now and end the despicable genocide of the Palestinian people's, end the great suffering of God's children! 
Israeli government, Netanyahu and your henchmen, if you do not end your abhorrent cruelty, if you do not end your genocide and murder with great swiftness, God will deliver them from your despicable grasp with a swiftness that you will not soon forget!
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


The revolution is upon us, within our evolving spirit!
Oh! Let us rise up and show them that we are free!
Let us not be ashamed of our kinship to all of Life!
Let us be saviors to our enslaved brothers and sisters!
Let us be the goodness we seek from our births!
Let us prove who we are by our loving actions!
Be Love! Be Peace! Be Forgiveness!
Let us show mercy after the chains have come off!
Let us anoint the (H)eartH with goodness!
Let us move across the floor of Heaven as angels of mercy!
For in truth it is our duty to Life- while those who deem themselves masters of a monstrous consumption shall find themselves without escape! 
We are to be Love and Peace makers! We are to face the weight of our allowances and then we are to subdue the slave masters and free ourselves and all others from our fledgling creation of Hell! 
Heaven now! Now! Now! Now!

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime