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There's this story within all of us, it is wedged deep within from our birth, impossible to be removed, Creation has a sure grip on it.

The story's one of equality, one of kinship, a DNA journal of sorts, an evolutionary accordion within the constant breath of Life.

(How did it begin?)

It matters not, for we cannot know at this juncture of the learning curve.

(How does it end"?)

It doesn't end, at least not as imagined by we frail beasts of belief, it is, however, most relevant how we proceed as brothers and sisters of a loving and peaceful collective within this story of We.

(Is it a tragedy or comedy?)

...It's up to us how the story proceeds on the human scale, the constant flux, not so much.

(Sounds tragic.)


(It's out of our hands.)

Then you aren't listening, and that may well be the only tragedy that is, our inability to hear or scribe a story worth repeating.


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.