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Dear Love, Peace

Dear Love, the walls I built had to be torn down
Dear Love the walls we've built have to come down
Dear Home, the toxins I left in you have to be wiped away
Dear (H)eartH the toxins we've spilled have to be cleansed

I will rise as Peace, I will rise as Forgiveness
We will rise as Peace, we will rise as Forgiveness
I will rise, on the streets, in the houses of worship
We will rise, on the streets, in the houses of worship

I bow to the truth, pray for salvation from my use of Home
Dear Brother, bow to the truth, pray for salvation from our use of Home
I pray the (H)eartH brings me humbly around to myself
Dear Sister, pray the (H)eartH brings us humbly around to Heaven

Pray out loud, plead that all others forgive us, that they forgive Me
Beseech the children to forgive us all for our misuse of them
Oh God! We need bow to our kinship, bow to what holds us here
Bow we must, but never allow ourselves to be enslaved by another

Be righteous, be humble, be both and always remember th…


Let us not affix ourselves to a charade, instead, let us demonstrate what true freedom looks like, by being free. Free from a need for business as usual, a revolution of evolution of revelation of reevaluation. Rise above the clown music and enter the evolution, we're holding up the line to progress...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


Yet we are programmed to receive and consume, nurture and nature are one thing. Let's be careful how we simplify the source, as if we'd recognize the true source of the identical words, give and receive, they are equally exact, for without one there cannot be the other...

Yet in Heaven, everything is equal in grandness, it will be no other way. Love & Peace

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


I don't know the conclusion of my tenure, i can guess all day long, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will end differently than I or we imagined. I'm living proof that belief is a powerful tool as long as i know where I am, as long as I've learned my lessons and practice kindness from there on out.

That's my belief in a nutshell. I want to dance with yours let us live love and laugh and allow the chips to fall where they may. Peace and love

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

For Sale...

Careful what you sell your heart to. Careful what you agree with without evidence. Careful what you decide is true in the midst of the constant flux...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


We're still sleeping, not the news, not a movie, not a book, but God, the essense of all things! I am here and I am ready to continue my dance with God, with the fullness of the spirits, the one truth, the unfolding, the nuance, the slate bluff trailed down like an avalanche as God, as (H)eartH speaks through Me! Through, God, from She to Me, from Love to Peace and then to God, then to Love, then to the drum of our own duty, or our sisterhood, or brotherhood, our kinship with all peoples, build, build, build, let breathe, let breathe, breathe, breathing now, next and next, second, moment, minute, hour, day, night, breathe she calls to me, she begs that I awaken to rescue a fallen angel who is rescuing Me... I will rescue her, I'll go last and rescue myself, triumph with her forgiveness, with the echo, the flip-side, the one, the two, done. So be it. Peace

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.

Too Tightly

If I find the truth woven too tightly to manage, I loosen the reins and feel God tugging on my leash. Unleash me, sounds too tight!

Loosen the echo of God! Loosen the echo of our own creations! We must seek the truth within ourselves and not within our judgments or beliefs but in our actions, like my giving my mind away, not mine alone, the dog got his bone, the bear got the honey, the truth comes from Me, the story of no agony, the story of freedom for all, including me! Get the grip of Love and Peace, tick tock, knock knock, hello, come in, let us greet one another with the truth...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.