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Good to hear my friend! Bless you and yours on our collective journey... Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Laughter Kinship... The one seed. Exactness rings a bell, traffic the foreshadow to the chiming church bells... There is no eternal Hell, we carve agony out of our short-sighted choices...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


Like a house of cards, tumbling in with a smile of God on my face... Humbling is the truth, humbling as the child's motion, the hands outstretched ready to love and the feet to be with Peace, joined as one on the path, the sun and salt, the charcoal, the idea of our weather, let us create it as Heaven, let us be equals as we do, otherwise Freedom does not exist! Rejoice that equality is key to our salvation, Home is the canvas on which we paint, children are the inspiration... Heaven now.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.



The truth breathes in us from the birth of our voices
The truth swims inside, waiting for when we’ll see
The love is always there, we just need open our wings
The love plays in my violin, my symphony of strings

I am floating now in the wind
where do I get on the train
it seems so far away, the echo
a whistle, a sound oft heard in dreams

The wind brings my reverie crashing
Laughing- Laughing for all to hear
I don’t hold back the truth, mine or ours
Things are coming to me now, hello

Let us speak to one another of our commonality
Child, dog, cat, squirrels, trees, kinship, community
It is another C word that trumps the others
Caring, Cause, Creation… The drone of the pipe organ
fades now to drum and string… Love and Peace

I am nothing, I am lesser than, I am in the wind
We are nothing without one another
We love and we fear, I say no more
Let us join together without profit of a few
Let us rise up as one breath upon the sea
Let us let loose of that we cann…

Reflecting God

We are using gods gift of that there is not one doubt, but we must realize is how we are using it is a direct reflection of how we use others and ourselves it's a dangerous game to imagine it otherwise

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.