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Think. I am. Moments placed over the next moment, the many nows I face in my day, has found Me dancing along. The God within is the Spirit of the God that is already out.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


The truth is not in God, God is all things. God, this word I use as near enough to exactness as possible, is within Me, We, and let us hope I can save them all from any misfortune turning of phrase or of an event by creating in my mind's eye, only Heaven.

(H)eartH has sure been bleeding out for far longer than we should have allowed of our Home. God, I say, and not Jesus, Jesus hangs upon his cross to bear, by imagining that he was God, when God cannot exist in Hell for God is not a part of it... See it yet? Flip it on its head and try it on for size this tiny thought of Heaven now. Mark

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime