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Anyone hurts my wife or daughters or grandsons will have to pay. I am uncommonly brave... But I don't know it. Why should I? Bravery takes little thinking. Courage even less, it's the animal, it's instinct. This story I'm allowing to be written through you.



(All who?)

Mark Richard Prime along with every living "soul" on the planet, past and present.

(We're gonna need a bigger Heaven.)

Okay. Let's get busy, shall we!? I'll drive! With or without my "license"! Bada bing! Hell! God's put an APB on my ass and I put one out on Me and Him!

(Your state issued identification, Mark Prime...)

Mark Richard Prime, and don't forget that I said all others, they too are with Me on this journey and this includes you officer. Remember that, keeper of the Peace.

(Yes. This is Peacekeeper 12345. *go ahead* I'm going to need an ambulance to the 678910 street, I got a live one. *copy that, 12345. Ya here that boys? We got ourselves C…


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime



We are so tiny.
Insignificant. Diminutive. Small. We need awaken to sense the truth in ourselves,
in Home, bring our awe beneath us and all around us,
the flux, the constant constant.
Shall we let it go and be...?

This planet, this one, send us pictures of our use on this one!

Home is where the Heart(H) and the (H)eartH are... shall we see the truth of us as we view its landscape, it's power, its forgiveness, its offspring...

(Pluto is no longer a planet, Scribbler.)

What we call it matters not, it is going with the flux and we've little to nothing to say about it. (H)eartH's a planet and look what we're doing to it! It boggles the mind our ignorance, it is lit up by our use of Home...

Toys. More of us need to be toy makers, not so much toy buyers. We can deliver smiles on their faces if we'll but imagine. When I was a kid I played with nothing, I mean I had toys, but those little army men and tiny cars to get underfoot, they went to so many worlds…


Use the power of your words and apply them to your world.
Words can paint a thousand worlds
and a thousand worlds of words,
no wonder silence is so much more golden...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime