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Let us pray, without a doubt, let us pray, but pray not just for those you know, pray for those you don't.
Pray as if it is you that rises to greet them smiling.
Pray that it is your spirit that rises within their hope of and for humankind.
Pray as if you sense them within the dance, pray that you "know" them as you "know" yourself and your heart will never cease to have the rhythm of Love and Peace...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Look to yourselves.
Don't be guided by fear of,
be guided by kindness toward...
Time is illusory, the child is not,
they too grow slowly.
Let us assure them of a Home that is cherished as much as they, then they will not learn to be consumers instead of stewards!
Love and Peace are the answer, not just Love and not just Peace, but both that they might continue to breathe for my grandsons, breathe for all children, young and dreadfully old...
Don't plan a future worth repeating, live it now! Your heart will need no "guidance", it will go where it knows is best when the collective begins to cherish Home and all life...
(Is that an absolute I see before Me?)
No. But if there ever was an absolute that one should imagine, it would be this- Love and Peace cannot be separated, divided, cleaved to fit some other truth. The pair, a union like none others, must remain intact, must remain faithful of the others needs and path, and the two as One, well they will be your sal…


Who among us is breathing?
Who among us is living within their breath?
Who? Who? This dead man, that dead man,
what happened to our living? Are we not alive?
Then let us stand for those who no longer can!
Let us envelope the children and keep them safe!
Let us hold hands and hearts and begin to dance!
Holding out for someone to save us has us idle,
so instead we need hold out for nothing and make it happen!
Rise up before human breath fades into our collective chests,
blends with the toxic air, falls into the tainted soil and water!

Rise up!
Take back our death.
We can't breathe
We can't breathe
We can't breathe
Breathe, for the love of God, breathe.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Post by ABC 7 Chicago.

We are rising up, there is no signal, not light to shine a path, the path is before us and we're sensing it is now. Now. NOW!

Go forth fine-feathered and finely feathered and give freely the truth of your passions, your convictions to and for Home, to and for one another! Rise up NOW!

The moon doesn't rise and nor does the sun, all is in constant motion, God's evolution and our rEVOLUTION! Rise up! Rise up and be heard! NOW!

The (H)eartH moves with all and everything, it is we that must recognize Home, sense Heaven in the mountains, in the forest, the oceans and seas, the wind and the breeze- Rise up! Rise up NOW!

NOW! Freedom depends on it!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime - Peace, Scribe, Love, Forgiveness, Voice


What a damnable shame!
None of us are homeless, (H)eartH is Home,
but there are many without shelter, so many alone,
without warmth, or clothes, or shoes,
food, safety, and water! So shame on you!

Don't punish those without shelter,
help them! Help them with what they need,
tomorrow it could be you alone on the street!
It could be you and your kith and kin
who are inexplicably without shelter in Heaven.

Shame on our laws that punish beyond measure
Shame on laws built on suffering instead of pleasure!
Shame on those that make them,
they know not what they do,
for it could be them, it could be me or you!

Fix this shameful prejudice now,
before the dance lays you down.

Peace, Mark Richard Prime, with Love's agreement

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Sign the petition to End Homeless Hate at Brave New Films


You know me
My hands hold your hands
My prayers speak your name
My love loves your love
My peace swims nearest you
You know me

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I wish I was the moon tonight...
I wish I was a child again,
my innocence would swim in me instead of this man.
(I've seen worse men, Mark.)
Perhaps, but I am tired of not knowing,
I should have known I was here,
that I was at Home with the moon...
I wish I was the moon,
not the man in the moon.
I'm not finished yet,
I will rise again as the moon,
I wish I was the moon,
I wish I was the light.
I will rise with the moon
and howl a song of Peace, of Me, of We.
Me and thee...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime