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("Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.…")

Torch it with a side of reality.

(Sorry sir, we are all out of reality tonight, how about actuality instead?)

Fine, as long as I can roar...

(Roaring's optional.)

No. It's not.


Now that is optional.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

What We Create

Evil is what we create it to be, nothing more and nothing less, best one not be adept at making it fearful, otherwise wars might break out over belief instead of over need. There is no need for evil, we'll all agree in the echo, but there is certainly need for its opposite, kind. We need be kind to all things to the same degree with which our regrets tend to overshadow our journey...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


What a shame... an awful use of power. Convince them otherwise through our Peaceful actions and demand it be changed, it need evolve, now...

The echo of such actions moves forward in order to forgive ourselves of one another...
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Giddy Up & Go!

She’s been in her solitude as long as she can remember. She’s been in her silence for longer than she probably even should in order to forgive her children their transgressions.

I was programmed to receive, if truth be told, and I’m okay with that. The eartH knows I deserve the lesson…
Live, Love and Laugh! For the love of all things, laugh! Giddy up!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Home has to be held most precious, yes even above our unworthiness of this story of Heaven beneath the feet.

Home deserves our attention, not the drama!

Scrap the whole system and make cooperation the new currency. Problem solved.


I can lead us away from slavery, We, Me, lets get to dancing before the thread snaps loose and the wings rise up on God's child born of the thought of never having known. Constant flux my friends. Smoke up, we're soon to have a drum circle! Boom boom goes God's medicines! Rejoice with me in the know...

Don't make it a play outside of the box, put it on with love and kindness and you'll find the absent Peace. (Who's that old dude?) He was lost but now he's found, come along with Me, amen...  (Oh my...) © 2014 Mark Richard Prime