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Actionable Thoughts

Perhaps God answers only the relevant need within the prayer(s) and not necessarily the prayers themselves? Then again, perhaps God is waiting on us to recognize that prayer is an action as much as it is a thought or a speech left to be answered...?

(Too many questions!)

They're not questions, they're prayers.

(Oh. Then prayers are thoughts in action.)

Yes. All prayers are questions until we act upon them.


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If madness comes with the truth, then let us be mad!
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If we explored as deep inside of ourselves as we did outside, we'd understand better that Home and Life are so much more than our human capacities can perceive.

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  We're creating our story, so let's make it one worthy of our becoming it.
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Get A Move On!

It's not about getting the story "right", or even about getting it "wrong", it's about getting it moving with the collective so that the story doesn't end, so that the story moves in a manner and in a direction that benefits the whole.

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The pledge to country needs to be replaced with a pledge to the (H)eartH, to Home and to all others, all life, then we might actually sense an agreement with what should be "taught" to children!

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The Point

Is there a point when a transformation of the God born in you begins and it is unstoppable?

(Nothing's unstoppable, Scribbler!)

Wanna bet?

(It's not a-)

It is stoppable, malleable, mortal, it is We that are immortal as the consciousness and apprentice creators of God's writhing collective!

Mark Richard Prime

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Great Towering Genius

There's a great irony in the book(s), being the history created in our fledgling attempt at the truth, so Hell is actually created by our beliefs in it, same with Heaven, same with Home, a reflection, God said it, created it, he didn't dismiss it. See?

Peace is all I bring, tone withstanding, when the spirit of God is played like a theif instead of the Peacemaker, the truth.

Think! Please...?

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Showing It

Men, it is time to pay up or shut up about how much you care if you can't show it. We are Peacemakers, not warriors. Remember that mother is most precious to God, child the breath before, we are the consciousness of God...

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Take the limit off of God and do it ourselves this manifestation of miracles. All else is blah blah blah...

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The beast inside made of greed, we can create our kingdom come to be with God, with Love & Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter ever after! Come along and let's begin this thing before we lose the thread in our regrets! Giddy up it and ride!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Do not flee the truth beneath the feet, do not imagine a better place in the offing, this is now, this is now and this is now. (H)eartH is a living, breathing, feeling thing, Life in its masterful evolution, not some eyesore from our lowly human perspective, a thing we need shape in the image of Peace and Love and Kindness and Charity and Heaven and Home and for the collection of Life...

Do not imagine that threats and actions of retribution are not central to many of the problems in the world. Violence begets violence without question. Bless those that go to war for an ideology based on ownership and fear of and from and with far too much pride in destructive force, they're going to need such blessings in order to face the truth of such an ideology.

ISIS was created by empire, created in order to meet an agenda, an end that falls short of Love and misrepresents the pathway to Peace.

Love the people all, end all War and have no need to create a warrior class and instead create a…